New York Jets Interested in Bringing back Braylon Edwards per source

New York Jets Interested in Bringing back Braylon Edwards per source

Manish Mehta is reporting that the Jets are OFFICIALLY interested in bringing back wide receiver Braylon Edwards to the New York Jets.

TheJetsStream Guess who may return to #Jets? Sources tell me NYJ interested in Braylon Edwards. Story in today’s @NYDailyNews #nfl 2/29/12 9:15 AM

A couple weeks after the end of the season, Braylon was tweeting that his rehab was going well and that he’s ready to get back to a team.  Many Jets fans who STILL followed the WR started flooding him with telling him to come back to the Jets.

Braylon tweeted that we would consider playing for the Jets again.  Despite leaving on a bit of bad terms after the 2010 season, there is no reason why this couldn’t work.

The Daily News has learned that the Jets are interested in bringing back free agent wide receiver Braylon Edwards, who was an integral piece in Gang Green’s success in 2009 and 2010.

Edwards signed a one-year, incentive -rich deal with the San Francisco 49ers as a free agent before the 2011 season, but was waived before Week 17 and is free to sign with anyone.

The Jets are looking for a replacement for Plaxico Burress, who won’t be re-signed when free agency begins on March 13 and said Tuesday that he would love to play for the Eagles.


My Take – Erik Manassy

I like this move very much.  Braylon Edwards had great success with Mark Sanchez and when the end of the 2010 season was nearing and the rumor of what WR’s were going to stay, I wanted Braylon over Santonio.  Now both players had sub-par seasons in 2011, but I believe Edwards could bounce back with a huge year.

Braylon would be a GREAT re-addition for the Jets

With the Jets saying that they are dedicated to the run, Braylon’s role will be similar to the ’10 season.  They used play action a lot and Braylon was the deep threat.  The jets were derailed last season because they relied way too much on the pass and say what you will about Sanchez, good or bad, if you don’t protect him he’s not the type of QB that plays well under pressure.

Braylon Edwards would step in as the number two WR across from Santonio with Kerlely as the slot and with Keller for the passing game.  I would be happy with this corp.



  • JetsGuest

    I really wish there was a way to keep Plaxico, He is a far better football player than Braylon Edwards, Im happy to bring Braylon back but I dont understand why trying to keep Plaxico isnt higher on the priority list? Must be some horrible behind the scenes stuff with him

  • Anonymous

    Hi Plaxico, nice to hear from you. Pity you were useless outside the red zone and caused too many ructions in the locker room. Enjoy Philly.