Rex Ryan to Censor Himself in 2012? What I think Jets Coach Should Do

Rex Ryan to Censor Himself in 2012?  What I think Jets Coach Should Do

Rex Ryan spoke out the NFL Combine in Indianapolis yesterday and he said something I think all the Jets fans knew for a while.

Predicting a Super Bowl win every single year is a “HUGE MISTAKE”, and it took missing the playoffs for Rex to STOP predicting one.

BrianCoz Ryan calls last year’s prediction ‘huge mistake’ 2/24/12 7:47 AM

Rex speaking at the 2012 Combine


“Looking back, obviously it was a huge mistake to make that guarantee,” he said. “At the time we were coming off two championship games, I really thought it would be a thing that would actually motivate our team, you know to really talk about the Super Bowl, to focus on the Super Bowl. But in hindsight I think it put undue pressure on our team and we kind of lost focus and really we lost focus on what we do best.

So, it’s obviously a big mistake. When I go back and I look at it I think it contributed to the season we had.”

“ I think my comment hurt us, I don’t think there is any doubt,” he said. “It put pressure on guys that, quite honestly, never needed to be. And I’ll say this about our team: We’re going to have as much fun as any team in it. Because that’s how we do business. And I was challenged by even one of our players, like, ‘Rex, you never had as much fun as you did the first two years.’ And you know what, I put the pressure on myself, there’s no doubt. But I try to put it on myself to take it off our team. I don’t think I accomplished that this season.”

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So Rex of course was asked who he thought would be in the Super Bowl this year and his answer?

“I have no idea,” he said. “I have something I believe will happen, but I’m not going to share it with you.”

My Take – Erik Manassy

So does this mean we are going to get a different Rex Ryan? I think when it comes to guarantees, yes, but don’t expect more change after that. The reason why players want to come to the Jets and play for the Jets is because of who Rex Ryan is. If he starts changing his core believes or tones down his passion, players will know it’s not the true him. You can’t change that dramatically without affecting the core of who you are but you can make little tweaks, and Rex has been giving us nuggets of how he’s been looking to improve the team.

To start he’s spending time with new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano so that Rex understand the offense a little better. He also indicated that he’s working on team building but has not given details only that he insures us that Mark and Santonio WILL resolve their issues. I’ll just have to take Rex’s word on that one.

Other than stop making guarantees, I think Rex should not change his passion and how he talks to the media. He should continue to joke, and carry that swag and be confident, but the major change he needs to implement will be behind the curtain and frankly, he shouldn’t talk about it. The press of course will hound him on how he’s changing the team, and Rex can take the stance that so many coaches take which is what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors.

In a year after that locker room debacle, I’m going to say less is more. I know that goes against everything I stand for as a fan and I want to know everything, but the less the public knows the better. I’m not saying the Jets should put muzzles on their players and coaches, I’m just saying not to share the sensitive things. Remember, it was players throwing other players under the bus publicly that derailed the 2011 train.

I understand that not everyone is going to get along, but it’s HOW you deal with the issue, and I’m saying do it behind closed doors. Resolve it as a family in your home. Don’t bring it to the media, twitter and the fans.


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