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Jim Leonhard Wants a New Contract and Updates his health on Twitter

Jim Leonhard Wants a New Contract and Updates his health on Twitter

New York Jets safety Jim Leonhard was on twitter talking about a desire for a new contract.  He also tweeted about his rehab and how it’s been going.  I can’t believe he’s been rehabbing for 10 weeks now.

jimleonhard Update: 10 weeks out from surgery and every day is better than the last. In the rehab world that’s a win. Now I just need a new contract. 2/24/12 9:35 AM

My Take – Erik Manassy

Can Jim be the player he has been in the past?  Probably not, but I like the way this kid plays.  He clearly is a Rex Ryan Favorite and you have heard me use the term before “The Jets Defensive Quarterback”.

Many fans were down on the Safety play and I agree it was something to be desired, but Jets as a whole failed and started losing (3 games to end the season) in fact after Jimmy went down.  It’s no coincidence as the SAME exact thing happened in 2010 when Jim missed 3 games due to injury.  The difference being, Jim was able to return in 2010 and play in the AFC Champsionship where as the timing of his injury last season put the final nail in the coffin for the 2011 campaign.

Now I’m not saying Jim’s injury is the reason the Jets missed the playoffs, but I’m saying that he’s more important than you think running and calling the plays.

Should the Jets bring him back?  Yeah, I think so.  The Jets clearly are going to target the position Safety, or at least I hope they do, in free agency and / or the draft.  I think the draft is the better option but it’s clear to me that Eric Smith is a good fill in player, but starter, no way.

It will be interesting to see what the Jets do with this popular player.