How to Stop Missing Content on Jets News and Start Being an Informed Fan

How to Stop Missing Content on Jets News and Start Being an Informed Fan

Are you struggling to keep up with Jets news?  Does it drive you crazy when you miss content?

Information comes at you at incredible speeds more than ever in the history of the world.  Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr), web sites (Mainstream sites, blogs), phone calls, traditional media (Television, radio, newspapers, magazines) and emails are being delivered constantly to the public domain.  There is no possible way for any one person to be able to see every story, tweet, blog and post every day without going into information overload.

So how does a Jets fan pick the best mediums and still stay informed when breaking news about our beloved team hits the streets and still have time for other topics, jobs, or your family?  I know, sounds ridiculous, but the die hard Jets fan have this problem.

Well I’m going to tell you how I get close to not missing much news, tweets or pictures of the Jets on a daily basis and to stop getting frustrated when I miss something.  I’m going to share with you my tools and methods I practice to analyze Jets News and you can decide if it’s something you may want to adopt or you may be implementing in some way already.

Receiving Breaking News in Real-time

Breaking Jets news on anything will hit twitter before it usually hits the mainstream media.  I have seen instances where a Jets player will tweet some breaking news about themselves and the media and fans (myself included) jump to be the first one to retweet the message.  Once the tweet starts going viral, a conversation starts up on the topic.

Usually I’ll have 10 or 20 people asking me what I’m talking about and where I heard it.  Some will load my time line of tweets and scroll and see the RT of the original message.  If it’s a hot topic, I would say shortly after the original tweet you will start to see the bloggers kicking in with their articles.  Main stream media is usually around the same time with web articles first.  I have seen interruptions in live programs to stop the scheduled program to bring a tweet to the audience.

If you want to be one of the first people to hear breaking news, then twitter is the medium for you.  You can set up twitter to alert you if certain people tweet, key phrases or topics such as “Jets” are mentioned.  You can elect to get a real time text message to your phone with the tweet.  Let me caution you first.  Putting a text alert on a high volume key word will drive you crazy.  I learned this the hard way with the term “Jets”.  My phone never stopped buzzing.  Go ask Brian Bassett from The Jets Blog what he thought about this when he saw me a couple of years back at Jets Training Camp.  He thought I was insane!

My other warning is before you initiate text messages, make sure your data plan with your carrier can support the load.  I don’t want you getting a bill for thousands of dollars next month because I told you to turn on alerts for work “Jets”.  Proceed with caution and this is my disclaimer:  I take no responsibility.

While still on twitter, if I did happen to miss an alert, a key native twitter tool is the use of “Lists”.  I would be LOST without them.  I have many set up that I use but the one’s I hit the most?  @e_man/JetsPlayers @e_man/JetsBeatWriters and @e_man/ex-Jetsplayers .

Setting up a Net to Catch All Important Articles

If you are reading this post right now, you know it comes from the native site  You either found this page in a search engine, saw a tweet from one of my accounts, linked from another web site, saw a link on the Jets Twit Facebook fan page or loaded the main site directly and surfed to this posting.  The point is that you found the site and made it a point to read this article, but what is going to remind you to check the site again tomorrow?

One great way is to sign up on the site for email.  Sign up on Jets Twits to test it out.  You can always cancel later if you don’t like it!

Click to Sign Up

I must follow 20+ Jets resources and I’m going to tell you right now that I read most, if not all the content without ever loading the sites’ native templates.  How do I achieve this:  Simple.  No I mean Really Simple Syndication or for short RSS.

The ESPN Rss Feed as viewed on Flipboard on the iPad

Notice that both solutions are “Push Methods”.  If executed properly on the sites you want to monitor, these two methods above will always give you the latest and greatest sources of information delivered to you directly.  One is a real-time method, and the other is at your leisure.

Different Ways to read the Same Information

A post from The Jets Blog using RSS to read it on the iPhone app Reeder

Depending on the platform I am consuming the information, I may use 4-5 different tools to read the same information.  Let me explain.  Some times I’ll go to the native tools web site, in these examples I may load and directly.  Believe it or not, those are both not my favorite interfaces.  If I’m on the run, which I usually am, I’ll consume RSS feeds using three apps on my iPhone:  Flipboard (my absolute favorite), Reeder, or the Google Reader app.  On my iPad, I’ll use the same app but they are optimized for the iPad.  You only buy them once and they load on both devices:

Flipboard the Google app and again Reeder.  All these apps have great sharing capabilites, which is key for someone like me, a blogger.  I can post articles or snippets of what I read with one click of a button to my networks:  Twitter, Tumblr, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the list goes on.  Ever wonder how I’m fast on the draw.  I just gave you the secret sauce.

I can see Thousands of articles on Reader X on my iPad

I literally can scan 20-30 articles in a couple of minutes, and then decide which topic I’m going to blog and offer my opinion.  I stopped trying to be the first one to break news.  When I was one of the first one’s on twitter and when the other bloggers followed, it was a race to which I wanted no part.  Keep in mind that my site isn’t about so much breaking news as it is giving my opinion and a unique perspective with a social media spin.  The one think about technology is that when copy cats and other sites launch, I find myself having to reinvent new techniques.   I love the challenge and as new mediums pop up (like Pinterest etc), as long as I have great content, it doesn’t matter what the platform.

Get Started!  Here are YOUR Action Items

  1. Sign up on Jets Twits email!
  2. Create a Google Reader Account
  3. On the web sites you are interested in, find the RSS feed and subscribe to the list.  You can add the RSS URL to your reader but most sites automatically do this for you.  You can start by Adding to your list!!   Most sites have a link called RSS or an icon that looks like this:  Rss Icon
  4. Organize your information.  Create a “Jets” Folder and tag the RSS feeds with that folder.  You can create and tag as many as you like.
  5. Download and launch your favorite RSS reader on your preferred platform.

My Favorite Apps to Consume Information

Was this article helpful?  Please let me know in the comments below!! Thank You!  Erik

  • Nacarano

    That is so true! I always say that to myself, someone can find your website by just searching Google but will they return the next day? That’s where the RSS feed comes into play and they can also list the website as their favorite.

  • Jonathan Gallo

    Nice article. I use Google Reader for my RSS feed too, and with school all the articles are piling up. Jets, Yanks, Knicks, Political, and Technology news. May try to change view settings so I’ll spend less time sorting through my feeds.

  • Coleman Foley

    This is it a great introduction to setting up a net for relevant content. What do you think about personalized news readers? They can make it easier to follow a niche topic like, say, the Jets. You might have heard of Zite, which is a lot like Flipboard, only it learns what you like as you use it. 

    Personalized news readers have a couple of advantages.  First, they let you skip gathering and organizing sources. They just find relevant content, then learn what you like. So for a lot of people, they are an easier way to follow news.

    News junkies like you can also benefit from them, though, as they complement RSS readers and Twitter. They can find good content that your favorite sources miss. I’m sure that you are following all the right sources of Jets commentary and news, but they are bound to miss some things.

    Zite is the best personalized news reader on mobile devices. The problem with Zite is it doesn’t allow you to follow whatever topic you want to.  You can only follow predefined topics. I am not sure if the Jets is one of them.

    For reading on a desktop or laptop, I recommend Trapit.  Trapit lets you follow any topic. Just type in the topic you’re looking for. Then it will learn what you like.

    Zite and Trapit actually find just as good of content as hand-picked sources because both only show content that has been vetted by humans. So you won’t see any spam or reposts with no original content added on either.

    I look forward to hearing what you think.