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What should the Jets do at Wide Receiver?

What should the Jets do at Wide Receiver?

Jerricho Cotchery.  What can you say about the former Jet?  He was a great player for us and when he wanted off the team, it was a tough pill to swallow.  He signed a one year deal with Pittsburgh and now he’s a free agent.  Yesterday he stated that he would like to finish his career with the Steelers with a 4 or 5 year deal.

I have heard rumblings from some fans stating that the Jets should have never cut ties with the receiver and I agree but let’s review the facts.  Cotchery wanted out and in a bad way.  He was being undervalued, underutilized and dropping in the depth chart.  If you missed watching the Steelers in the playoffs, then you missed a pretty clutch catch from Cotch to send the game into overtime.

As much as I would like to bring back Cotchery to the Jets, let’s get the facts straight one more time.  He wanted OUT in a bad way.  He would never come back to the Jets.  Yes he has great leadership, a significant quality as it turns out, the Jets were missing greatly.  The Jets need to get younger at WR. Jeremy Kerley is a great start who shows big play ability as a slot receiver, but the Jets need to bring in youth and it must be a number one receiver.

Say what you will about Santonio Holmes, he has the big play ability, but he’s riding the wave of that one big catch in the SB.  If you look at this career stats, Santonio eclipsed the 1000 yard mark once in his career for a season.  He’s clutch most of the time when he needs to as he calls it “Tone Time”, but the Jets must get the number 1 they desperately need.

With what appears to be the dedication and return to the ground and pound, Tony Sparano joins the team as the offensive coordinator as a coach with proven track record to support the run game.  The Jets are poised to return to their staple from 2009-2010 and will let Mark Sanchez manage the game instead of leading and taking it over.  In this case, the Jets may not need to the big play WR at the one slot.  They may continue to use the pass game with Mark’s safety valve, Dustin Keller, and the quick slants going to Holmes and Kerlely.

Rumors are swirling that Randy Moss‘ return to football could mean that he joins the Jets, but let’s be clear.  The Jets do not need another proven quitter on the team.  Cris Carter, his former mentor and teammate, called him the biggest quitter he’s ever met.  That’s pretty damning coming from his “friend” and peer.

MikeAndMike Cris Carter on #RandyMoss: He has more quit in him than any other superstar I’ve ever met…he has a quit mechanism in him that’s huge. 2/14/12 7:52 AM

Should the Jets bring back Braylon?

Another former Jet, Braylon Edwards, is without a home, and is trying to make a mini-comeback from his injury this past season.  Braylon didn’t last a season with the 49′ers but he has said on twitter that he wouldn’t mind a return to gang green.  I know many fans that tweet him daily to come back to the Jets.  This move I wouldn’t mind.  Mark Sanchez had some success and synergy with Edwards, and if healthy, he can stretch the field.

Of course there is the option to promote from within.  The Jets just signed Patrick Turner to a new deal and the Jets have some youth at the position, although unproven have potential.  Logan Payne is a player I would personally like to see make it up the ranks.  He was well on his way to making the roster before his injury side-lined him for the entire 2011 campaign.

If you are hoping for a Scotty McKnight return, the Jets did not renew his contract so there is still an option to bring him back but I think it’s safe to say that using a 7th round on him was not a risk.  Many will say the only reason he was even drafted by the Jets was because he was Sanchez’s BFF.  They are probably right.

Whatever the Jets decide to do at the receiver position, whether it be in the draft, free agency or resigning Plaxico Burress (who in my opinion doesn’t want to be here), it will be interesting to see how the Tony Sparano uses the position in 2012.


  • MrRatch

    I think we could do no worse than to look at another TE in the Keller mold.  Its clear that Sanchez favours throwing to him so two  weapons in that position might work out better than another aging WR

    • http://twitter.com/jetstwit JetsTwit

      I heard rumors of Anthony Fasano reuniting with Sparano…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jake-Dawson/100000836147258 Jake Dawson

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Braylon Edwards come back, but I’d prefer Robert Meachem or Pierre Garcon at this point.  I figure both of these options can come less expensive then some of the bigger names out there and can give the Jets what is needed at the SE (youth and speed).

    • http://twitter.com/jetstwit JetsTwit

      I like Meachem as well…

  • Dhfhdfh

    ya good call on Randy Moss going to the Jets. 

  • Dhfhdfh

    ya good call on Randy Moss going to the Jets.