Plaxico Burress quoted saying he wants to play for the Eagles “Badly”

Plaxico Burress quoted saying he wants to play for the Eagles “Badly”

According to journalist, Howard Eskin from NBC 10 in Philadelphia, Plaxico Burress spoke to him at the Super bowl and said that he wants to become an Eagle “BADLY”.  Burress becomes a free agent March 13th.

Plax was interviewed last week at the Super Bowl and if you remember he was very short when asked about what he thought about Mark Sanchez. 


Burress at the Super Bowl 46

The writing is on the wall, it has been since the season ended, and Burress playing days in New York, at least for the Jets, are over in my opinion.  He wants to leave the AFC East and go to the eagles, GO FOR IT.

howardeskin Saw and talked to Plaxico Burress at Super Bowl and told me he wants to play for Eagles. Badly! 2/8/12 12:42 PM

I would go and check to see what Plaxico has been tweeting recently but he has deleted his account.  I read that he was sick of all the negativity.  Time to get some thick skin Plax, it comes with the turf.

  • Anonymous

    I think regardless of attitude he needs to go.

    • Erik Manassy


  • Lexsc400

    Pardon my language but F! Plax! He was a good target in the redzone but did crap to help us get to the redzone. Bring back Braylon….the guy was a beast getting down field and he loved the team and brought a spark to the offense

    • Erik Manassy

      I agree… we missed Bray as a deep threat.  Plax had his role, but with that attitude, he needs to not come back.

  • Isabela Rios

    Bye bye plax!

    • Erik Manassy

      Yeah, you don’t want to be here, bye bye.

  • Lexsc400

    Our receiving Corps should be, Braylon, Cotchery, Turner, and (as much as i don’t like his attitude) Holmes. Preferably i would have like to have kept Clowney, the kid was fast. I think Tannenbaum got excited at the prospect of signing a bunch of big names and didn’t look at the guys who enjoyed playing for the team and enjoyed playing their role. I mean Cotch would lay it out every game for us and he goes after Plax, Holmes and Mason before being sure that Cotch has a bigger role. I’ve been watching videos on youtube of the 2009-2011 Jets and those guys got so excited when one another caught a ball or scored a TD. This past season i saw none of this kind of excitement from the team. 

  • Jonathan Gallo

    The way he’s been mouthing off recently, all I can say is bye bye Mr. Anonymous Source.

  • Jim Van Dyke

    I never liked Plax anyway. Didn’t really do much for the Jets when he played.  See Ya!


    screw him. we were one of the few teams who gave him a chance when he got out of prison, losing my man braylon edwards. this is how he repays us?