Holmes set to receive 7.5 million and remain with team, my thoughts about #10

Holmes set to receive 7.5 million and remain with team, my thoughts about #10

Today is the day that Santonio Holmes will most likely remain a New York Jet.  Holmes is set to receive 7.5 million that is if he remains on the roster this morning.  In my opinion, it’s a done deal.  Holmes will be a Jet but hopefully with NO drama.  I think Holmes should know that this is his last chance if he expects the Jets to go far into the playoffs next year.

Can he help bring a SB to the Jets?

With the turmoil that occurred in the Jets locker room and the abysmal crash at the end, Santonio has a lot to prove to his teammates, coaches and fan base.  I think if he goes about his business like he has in the past, it would be a major mistake.  In my eyes, he has dropped down many pegs and in order to get to where the fans supported him, I feel he now has to go above and beyond to redeem himself.  In some people’s eyes, that may not be enough.

I have said in the past and I’ll say it here, I support Santonio Holmes as long as he is on the New York Jets.  He’s one of our guys.  Was I disappointed and did I think he didn’t deserve a long contract:  Yes.  Do I still think he deserves it:  No. I wasn’t the only one as Fireman Ed called him a “Chump” on Twitter.

The Jets have made their decision, although an easy one as they couldn’t afford to cut him, and now they must hope that they can salvage some bad blood between their franchise quarterback and the rocky receiver.  It sounds like he would have to mend some bridges with some of his other teammates as well.  Without an improvement, the Jets will fall deeper in the loss column as a QB and Receiver who can’t stand each other causes the locker room to split and pick sides.

Let’s hope he have seen the last of the “East Coast / West Coast beef” and with the start of the new season where the Jets organization, Rex and the fan base can feel good about this team again.

WFAN660 Report: #Jets set to owe Santonio Holmes $7.5 million of 2013 salary 2/8/12 7:37 AM

According to the New York Post, Holmes will be guaranteed more than half of his $11 million salary for 2013 ($7.5 million) if he’s still on the Jets’ roster Wednesday morning.

Add that to the $7.75 million already guaranteed for 2012, and the Jets are essentially on the hook for at least $15.25 million over the next two years. The Jets have said publicly that they plan to retain the embattled 27-year-old wideout.  Read More