For Jets fans working on the parade route, it’s the Canyon of Sorrows

For Jets fans working on the parade route, it’s the Canyon of Sorrows

I feel really bad for my fellow Jets fans who have to work along the route of the “Canyon of Heroes” today when the New York Giants parade commences at 11am today.

I’ve been following a number of tweets from fans who decided to wear their Jets hats or Jerseys to support their team and are getting ripped and harassed.

I’m seeing tweets from Giants fans ripping those fans and also saying that the Jets are garbage.

MrDaniel_ So People Really Gonna Try & Fight Me If I Wear A JETS Jersey To The Parade ? That’s Just Ignorant lol 2/7/12 9:05 AM

The media is fueling it with covers and headlines like “Green with Envy” and pictures of Mark Sanchez getting sacked by a Giants player.  When the Giants punter and former player Steve Weatherford was on Mike and Mike, all they kept asking him was about his relationship with special teams coach Mike Westhoff.

The Media is Taunting Jets Fans

Why is everyone involving the Jets?   Hey Giants fans.  Enjoy your win, you deserve it.  Your team is the first to win a championship with a 9-7 regular season record but why do you keep talking about us?  Why do you keep posting pictures of Jets merchandise on the clearance rack.  Hey media, why do you keep bringing up the Jets when it’s the Giants time to shine.  Why do you keep fueling the pain for Jets fans.  Does that make you happy?

Giants fans letting the Jets fans know who's boss on twitter.

Jets fans aren’t fools.  We get it.  Our team SUCKED this year.  OK, we admit it.  Just leave us alone.  Let us try to get past the fact that this was probably one of the worst Super Bowls for us to endure.  We know that Rex put us in a tough position when he shot his mouth off saying we were “Soon to be Champs”.  Let’s get one think straight however; true Jets fans will never abandon ship.  We will stick with our team and show our green pride.  Fans like Rob wearing his Jets hard hat, and business men wearing Jets Jerseys at the parade are the rule, not the exception.

Let’s be clear Giant fan:  When the Jets DO WIN the Super Bowl, please don’t jump on our wagon.