Bradying; Not all its cracked up to be

Bradying; Not all its cracked up to be

The following is a guest post from Alyssa Lang, a die-hard Jets fan. @Alyssa_Lang_34

In 2011, Tebowing was in. Now, only a little more than a month later, Bradying is the new thing to be doing in the social media world. If you saw my vlog, “3 Reasons Why YOU Should try Bradying”, I shed some light on the more joking, lighthearted side of the newest ‘Bradying’ trend, and laughed about it; how something like that can really catch on with people. But, (yes, there’s a ‘but’-) to be honest, I’m really not a fan of any of it. Tebowing, or Bradying.

I honestly think it’s funny how something as silly as the way a particular player is sitting after a game becomes a social media icon…with its own ‘google-able’ name.

As an athlete…I actually feel kind of bad for Tom Brady.

The guy just lost the Super Bowl. Two days ago. No matter how many he’s won, how many records he’s broken and set; I’m sure it still hurts. Brady. The team. The fanbase. Yeah it’s funny, especially to the ‘Patriot Haters’, but I cannot genuinely laugh and jeer at a guy while he’s (literally) down. No matter who it is.

Maybe this new trend shouldn’t be all it’s cracked up to be. Maybe fans should take a step back from simple football banter, and look at Tom Brady as a legitimate person for a second. I’m proud to be a Jet fan, just like Patriots are proud to be New England fans. And as for our respective teams, I know I want to see my fan-base keeping it classy.

  • JTizzle

    This post is too humane for a Jets fan…Someone check her credentials.  

    • Alyssa Lang

      LOL I am a Jets fan, I can assure you. Just trying to cover all angles as a good journalist as well. :)

      • JTizzle

        Well fine then…you’re a Jets fan.   The community deserves more hubris from its own blogosphere.

  • Ryan Albanese

    You feel bad for Brady, yet you call yourself a die-hard Jets fan? I side with JTizzle. In the world of a Jets fan, feeling bad for Tom Brady is an emotion that simply does not (can not, and should not) exist.

    • Alyssa Lang

      my life goal is to work for ESPN this is just me, offering an unbiased opinion on the idea of it all. when you  see me in a Jets jersey on Sunday, not publishing anything, its a different story lol. :)

  • J_furl

    Being a die-hard fan doesnt imply you have to be harsh to division rivals. Its the fact that you support your team in every way and the fact that you can show compassion for other teams, even division rivals, when its called for that makes you a true fan. I’m a huge ravens fan, yet I felt bad for Steelers safety Ryan Clark when he couldn’t play in Denver due to a life threatening medical condition. Brady played his guts out in that game despite several mistakes, and while I love that the Giants (and Eli) reaffirmed their supremacy, its still sobering to see a player who gave it his all crushed.

  • Wreckthedeck

    you’re really cute. I googled “bradying” and saw your article. thought i would let you know!

  • Thenavyandwhite

    Well said. Very well said and classy from a NY Jets fan.