Santonio tweets to Sanchez, where I think he went wrong

Santonio tweets to Sanchez, where I think he went wrong

Santonio Holmes reached out to Mark Sanchez on twitter over the weekend.  Players talk to each other all the time, but as you know there was a melt down of epic proportions at the end of the season and the reason we find out was there was a major rift between Sanchez and Holmes.

On Saturday night, during the announcement of the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony, Holmes tweeted out:

santonio10 @Mark_Sanchez @Pouha91 Hope your getting as antsy as me for the 2012-13 season to start. One more day til we start to make that journey 2/4/12 5:30 PM
santonio10 Progress is a slow process. That’s called #tonetime 2/4/12 5:54 PM
Pouha91 @santonio10 @mark_sanchez right beside y’all bro. Let’s roll. 2/4/12 7:11 PM

So what do I think of this?  Progress…. But let me put this out there before I continue.  I’ve been VERY critical of Holmes’ meltdown.  I actually never was on board for the Jets signing him long term.  I didn’t feel Santonio deserved that long term contract and something about the way he carries himself turned me off.  Those of you who know me personally know that I felt this way, but on twitter and at the tailgates I kept this to myself for the most part.  Only until he started misbehaving did I let my emotion take over and I was more vocal.

Now, Santonio Holmes is a NEW YORK JET.  As long as he’s on this team, I’ll support him.  I’ll continue to hold him accountable by calling him out for things I feel he needs to do, but I would never root against him.  I don’t hate the guy.  I’m not one of those Mark Sanchez haters.  I could never hate a New York Jet.  I dislike his behavior.  That’s a BIG difference.

Going back to his tweets, I’m glad he reached out and it showed he’s trying to correct the ship.  Where do I think he went wrong?  The tweet 24 minutes later where he talked about progress is a slow process and he called it Tone Time.  Again, you are making everything about you Santonio.  STOP.  Stop talking about yourself.  Stop tweeting links to your companies.

e_man This moment is about Curtis Martin… I don’t care if Holmes tweeted. 2/4/12 5:53 PM
e_man Your timing is off as usual 10. 2/4/12 5:54 PM

When you were tweeting these comments, what you should have been doing was watching the NFL Network where you would have seen a very humble Jet talking about how he never played just for Football and himself.  I’m talking about Curtis Martin, now a Hall of Famer, but greater man.  Go reach out to him, talk to him, and study him.  If you could just get one little  inkling of what makes this guy tick and practice it from the heart, you will succeed with the Jets.

  • Iain

    Tweeting links to his companies goes against everything we tell people to do when they’re engaging on social media, but it would be great to find out if/how well it works when he does it!