Jets Fans, the Living Hell will continue

Jets Fans, the Living Hell will continue

As a Jets fan, I’m SOOOOO HAPPY this season is officially over and living out of the region is going to help me a little.  I feel really bad for my fellow Jets fans who live in the New York / New Jersey area.  Your hell is just beginning.   Tight End, Jeff Cumberland puts it beautifully:

jcumberland86 Damn….now I gotta walk around ny and hear this crap till next season smh 2/5/12 9:54 PM

With the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl, all you are going to hear for a long time by the media and your Giant neighbors is how good they were and that is deserved.  Unfortunately you are also going to hear how bad the Jets were.

My only advice is keep the faith, keep your poise and let’s concentrate on the new season which oh by the way, begins TODAY!


  • Jake Dawson

    All I have to say is that when our time comes, I don’t want to see the “Johnny come latelys” that were tweeting “Go Giants” every two seconds throughout the month of January jump on the Jets bandwagon.

    You chose your team.  You live with your team.  If our moment of glory ever comes, it will be OUR moment.  And you’re not invited to the party.

    That is all.