Former Jet Steve Weatherford @Weatherford5 gets his ring, blasts Mike Westoff

Former Jet Steve Weatherford @Weatherford5 gets his ring, blasts Mike Westoff

Steve Weatherford appeared on Mike and Mike this morning and was asked about his relationship with Mike Westhoff and what happened with the Jets.  Steve kept wanting to talk about the Giants win and to look forward with his career but he did finally answer and he shot back at Westhoff:

e_man Weatherford on Westhoff: “Listen man, I’ve got something he doesn’t and he’s been doing it a long time” BOOM. 2/6/12 9:50 AM
e_man Weatherford says he got along with Rex just fine, but not with THAT guy. Media keeps pulling him in to talk about the Jets. Let it go. 2/6/12 9:51 AM

As you know, I had the chance to work with Steve’s camp web site this past year as well as I had the chance to interview him right after the 2010 Jets season.  What is interesting is I asked him specifically about Mike Westhoff and his relationship and let’s just say that his opinion of him as changed.  Keep in mind that Steve was a free agent and was trying to land with a team and wasn’t going to say anything to burn a bridge.  If we redid the interview, trust me, it would have sounded a little different!

Anyway, my congratulations to Steve!  I wish you were still a Jet, but I’m happy you got your ring.

Weatherford5 I just woke up for the first time as a Super Bowl Champion!! Unreal, thank you to our fans, for always believing in us. You all deserve this 2/6/12 8:46 AM

Heading into the Stadium for his Super Bowl

  • Rob Paone

    Steve was incredible punting last regular season, but just choked in the playoffs for the Jets.. 
    Not so much for the Giants though, he punted extremely well in the Super Bowl.