Plaxico Burress is Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress is Plaxico Burress

The way Plaxico Burress carried himself yesterday at the Super Bowl for interviews and an autograph session makes you think the wide receiver played for the other New York team.  Every time he was asked about the Jets, his answers were short and blunt.  When asked about the Giants, he was glowing recalling great memories of his teammates and the Super Bowl win.

We get it Plax.  You used the Jets to get back into the league but it didn’t quite work out the way you wanted it, did it?  You wanted your one thousand yards with 10+ touchdowns so you could use it as a spring board to move on.  Well moving on will probably happen but not on your terms as I can only see one option the Jets have after your performance yesterday.  It’s clear you had a problem with Mark Sanchez with your answer about him:  “Mark Sanchez is Mark Sanchez”.

Don’t count on seeing Burress back in a Jets uniform in 2012. Burress spoke to reporters from The Post and NBC after a show at the NFL Experience. He was expansive and happy when talking about the Giants appearing in the Super Bowl and his memories of Super Bowl XLII in 2008. Whenever the topic turned to the Jets, his answers were succinct and the smile vanished from his face.

  • When he was asked if he was happy with how his year with the Jets went, he said, “It went as it went.”
  • Asked if he thought the Jets used him to the best of his capabilities, he said, “They used me the way they wanted to use me.”When pressed about his opinion of how they used him, he said, “I just answered your question.”
  • Since the Jets’ 8-8 season ended on Jan. 1, the fallout has not stopped. The Jets locker room has been described as toxic. What does Burress think?  “The Jets locker room is the Jets locker room,” he said.

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Burress hanging out with David Tyree at the Super Bowl

Who taught this guy how to answer questions? Why am I a little sour, because a little gratitude goes a long way.  For a guy who’s career that went south due to his own hand (literately), you would think he would refrain from being so bitter to the team that took a chance on you.  You had some shining moments with the team, but you are truly showing your true colors now that the season is over.

I have no proof, but you sound like the “anonymous Jets player” who trashed Mark Sanchez at the end of the season.  If you want to have some toxicity to your attitude, it’s your prerogative, but for a team that NEEDS to cleanse itself from this last seasons debacle, it may be better that you move on.

So if I’m asked what I thought of Plaxico Burress being on the Jets, I’ll simply respond:  Plaxico Burress is Plaxico Burress.  Time to move on.