Namath! Tonight 9PM on HBO!

Namath!  Tonight 9PM on HBO!

DVR alert!  HBO’s special “Namath” will be airing tonight on 9pm EST.  Twitter has been buzzing about people who are excited about the special and I have even seen some people say they will have to subscribe to the channel just to see this show.  Now that’s a Jets fan!

Joe Namath was in New York this past week for the premiere of the special.  There were many pictures of him standing in front of his poster and a Jets fan tweeted they would LOVE to get their hands on one of those (I agree).  I reached out to Joe’s social media manager and she informed me that she’s working on possibibly doing a giveaway / contest with a signature.

caitmfitz @e_man @jetstwit I’m in contact with HBO, they own the posters. I’ll keep you updated!! 1/27/12 4:45 PM

  • Patrick Carroll

    That was BEAUTIFUL !!! What a GREAT tribute to such an Incredible person. I’ve got to meet Joe in New Haven, Ct. at the Joe Namath Football Camp in the early ’90′s and he was as pleasant as a person can be. Proud to be a JETS fan since’68 because of Joe Willie Namath !!! Thanks x12