What is the hot new twitter trend #TomlinsonTuesday all about?

What is the hot new twitter trend #TomlinsonTuesday all about?

Twitter Memes are something.  Just like that, a topic can take off and be an explosion albeit it for one day, every week, whatever, but they have the ability to go viral at any moment.  There is a hot new trend called Tomlinson Tuesday.

Every Tuesday the term #TomlinsonTuesday trends on topics monitored by twitter.  In fact it’s a phenomenon.

So is there a fascination to the Jet player LaDainian Tomlinson and does it deal with him?

In short:  NO.

The scruffy-haired teen idol star of British-Irish boy band One Direction, Louis Tomlinson, has built such a rabid following that Tuesday has turned into “Tomlinson Tuesday” on Twitter, where young users Tweet out the words “Happy Tomlinson Tuesday” incessantly every Tuesday.

There is no official word on why “Happy Tomlinson Tuesday” has become such a popular meme, but it seems to be only growing in popularity.

I should have known that emotional teenagers were involved.  *SIGH*.

Tomlinson Tuesday has nothing to do with LT