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The definition of HATERS by Jets TE Jeff Cumberland

The definition of HATERS by Jets TE Jeff Cumberland

Jeff Cumberland is an interesting fellow on twitter.  By watching him, I think he has a chip on his shoulder or something.

He tweets something, gets tons of reactions, and then justifies his comments with tweets like the one below about haters.

How about the time he told his followers that if you tweet more than 25 times, you need a life.  Maybe it’s about the pictures of your crazy vehicle?

jcumberland86 H.A.T.E.R.S= Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Succes 1/24/12 1:02 AM

Maybe, and just maybe, it’s what you are talking about that is drawing people to question you NOT because of your success, but hey what do I know.  Maybe if you stick to your rehab or football games, the hate would go away.  Then maybe it wouldn’t.