For this Jets Fan: “I Have no Dog in the Fight”

For this Jets Fan:  “I Have no Dog in the Fight”

The Super Bowl is set with the New England Patriots taking on the New York Giants and for this Jets fan this is my worst nightmare come true, again.  The two teams battled four years ago, and now I find myself answering questions from friends and family asking me who I want to win.  I answer it simply:  NO ONE.  Obviously that doesn’t mean I’m rooting for a tie as it would never happen, but why must I choose a team?

The New England Patriots are one of the main Jets rivals from our division.  They have ruled the AFC east for some time now, and for the Brady / Belichick combo to gain another ring is just maddening to a Jets fan.  I am yet to meet a true Jets fan who is rooting for the Patriots to ever win.  If you are, you must hate the Giants with a passion.

The other team, the New York Giants, are the “other” team in New York.  Many people who are Jets fans say that they will be rooting for them to win.  Not this guy.  I’m not condemning you if you are rooting for them and are a Jets fan.  You have your reasons.  You might have family, a spouse, or child or whatever the case that love the team.  Good.  You have a reason to want them to win, I don’t.  I’ve been tormented all my life in grammar school, high school and college by Giants fans letting me know that I root for a loser.  Those wounds are deep and I could NEVER EVER EVER be in favor of Big Blue.

So, when someone asks me again, who’s my team for the Super bowl this year:  I simply say I’m sitting this one out.  Isn’t that an option anymore?  As my father tells me every time I asked him who he wants to win the Super Bowl since I was a youngster bouncing on his leg, he states “I have no dog in the fight”.

I agree with my father and going into the all the super bowl games, I have no team to root for, but then find myself secretly rooting for a team because I get caught up in the moment while watching the game.  It’s human nature to pick the underdog, or a player you admire.  This was always the case for me until 2007 came along.  I didn’t get excited at all with David Tyree’s circus catch, or the Plaxico Burress TD score to put the Giants over my most hated rival and to ruin the perfect season.  My reaction was of disgust.  I just sighed knowing the phone calls would be coming from friends and family “rubbing it in”.  And they came.

Weatherford deserves a ring with the way he played yesterday.

If the Jets are not in the big game, we watch, but we don’t root.  I’m not so sure I WANT to watch this game.  Don’t call me a spoiled sport.  I’m not.  Don’t call me a hater.  I’m not.  I’m happy only for the Jets players that were on the team last year and struggled to make it to the big game and have done it with either team.  Good for them.  I’m truly happy for Woodhead, Weatherford, Ellis and Ihedigbo.  I know at least one former 2010 Jets player will wear the ring.

The way this season ended with all the high expectations and the mess of the locker room has put me in a rough and sour spot.  I want the season to end NOW so we can start correcting this ship with Rex maybe toning it down with Super Bowl Guarantees and instead focusing on getting his team strong and a contender again.

Giants fans and Patriots fans will remind me that their team was the best for two weeks.  I’ll hear how Rex is a loud mouth and that we are the Same Ole’ Jets.  I’ll hear things like Mark Sanchez will never ever be Tom Brady or Eli Manning.  I’ll be offered a chance to jump ship and to “root for a winner”.  But one thing I’ll know, as I’ve always known is that I bleed Green and White.  I always have and always will.

I guarantee you this (in Joe Namath fashion), when the Jets win the big one (and I’m hoping I get to see it in my lifetime), I’m going to take it as humbly as I can.  I’m not going to make those calls, or put those messages on Facebook, twitter and whatever tool will be in existence at the time.  I will simply reflect (after I go nuts and celebrate on my own personal time with my wife, brother, father and children.) on how difficult this path was and cherish the moment.   For I am a Jets fan who has never seen a Super Bowl championship for a team that I truly love.  When it happens, this guy will shed a tear of joy.

Until then, don’t ask me who I want to win in this super bowl.  Again, I simply tell you NO ONE.


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    giants are pro

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      Giants are pro?

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    Only want my boxes to come out