Tried and True, The Life of Jet Fans

Tried and True, The Life of Jet Fans

The following is a guest post from Alyssa Lang, a die-hard Jets fan. @Alyssa_Lang_34

“Why are you a Jet fan? Heck, HOW are you STILL a Jet fan?? HAHA, you guys didn’t even make the playoffs!”

Someone said this to me a couple weeks ago, after the Jets lost to Miami on January 1st. I laughed, even though my insides were immediately boiling with anger over the fact that he just brought up a still very sore topic of conversation.

Seriously? I’m aware I don’t get to watch my team in the playoffs. Shut up before I punch you in the face.

So I laughed. But then politely (and proudly) reminded him that we Jet fans are the farthest thing from what are considered ‘fair-weather fans’. That’s why I don’t just ‘bounce around’ the league, picking up whatever team is hot at the time. That’s why I’m “still a Jet fan”.

Then I thought about it. How did I originally become a devoted Jet fan? The pride I have for my team was passed down throughout my family. Anyone and everyone I can remember in my family was a Jet. It literally runs through our veins. How are you supposed to break away from that??

Our fans are tried and true. It’s perhaps the biggest reason why I love our fan base so much; we don’t back out on our team, no matter what. Sure, the jerseys and gear might just stay put away for a week or two out of anger, but they always come back out eventually.

Jet fans have experienced a lot. We live for the adrenaline rush that our team provides us with. From my experience, you never quite know what will happen when Gang Green steps out onto the field, whether they are winning or losing at the time. From the famous “Monday Night Miracle” against Jay Fiedler and the Miami Dolphins in 2000, to having our current quarterback lead the most 4th quarter comebacks than any other QB since 2010- the Jets keep fans on the edge of their seats. They have become somewhat famous for their ability to come back and win games, shock other teams, and any football fan who watches them do it.

“I have been a Jet fan for 38 years, and I will always bleed green no matter if they go 0-16 or win the Superbowl. In the end, you just can’t let go of your team like every other front-runner in this league. Being a  Jet fan means more than just all the wins that they get, it also means going through all the lows that the team has, and believe me, the Jets have had many lows. But they’ve also had many highs. We will get to the next level, someday.”

-Eric Lang, a life-long and die-hard Jet fan. 

Obviously, I love to see them win and I hate to see them lose; but no matter what happens, (you have to admit) they never fail to keep our lives entertaining. Yes, this past season was a tough one to swallow. But this team is famous for making a comeback; whether it’s a 4th quarter comeback in the last 1:20 against Miami in 2000, or Mark Sanchez coming back in the 4th quarter of four games in the 2011 season.

Whats that saying? “A minor setback, for a major comeback.”

With that said, I’m already itching to start next season. I’m ready to see my team fight for a major comeback. And despite the way this season ended, and all the grief I get for being a Jet fan, I’ll still be bleeding green and white all year round.

  • Njmayfam5

    Great post. I have been a Jet fan since the age of 10 and am a proud season ticketholder for 28 yrs. When we win it all it will be sweeter than any other fan base can say. I too bleed green and will no matter what. Next season can’t come fast enough. I am already planning my annual pilgrimage up to Cortland for training camp. Make us proud green and white and bring it home next season.

  • Nick Spano

    Great job, Alyssa! J-E-T-S