Jets players tweet their condolences about the death of Joe Paterno

Jets players tweet their condolences about the death of Joe Paterno

Maybin in PSU

Anytime something breaks in regards to news, I must say how it is very interesting to see how it spreads on twitter.  Usually a valid source breaks the news and then everyone follows with either retreating it or saying their own comment on the subject matter.  Yesterday was no different as I started seeing my time line with Jets fans and players, current and former, tweeting about Joe Paterno passing away around 6pm yesterday.

When I read the news this morning, the coach has indeed passed away, but not exactly the time everyone stated.  Blame that one on CBS.  They put out a tweet and then a story that the coach has passed away and in a world of who’s fastest to get information out, made a HUGE mistake.  They sent a message that was false around the world and back again on perhaps the fastest tool in the world to pass information.

The Jets players assumed the information to be true such as I did and prematurely tweeted their thoughts about the historic coach.

Aaron Maybin Tweets his thanks to Joe Pa

GVMcElroy RIP Joe Paterno 1/22/12 10:28 AM
nickfolk2 #RIP Joe Pa 1/22/12 10:36 AM
TannerPurdum RIP Joe Pa! 1/22/12 10:42 AM
jcumberland86 R.I.p. Joe pa lived a long beautiful life the scandal wore him down…had a good convo with him in high school while being recruited 1/22/12 11:11 AM
JWesterman55 R.I.P. JoePa 1/22/12 11:21 AM

Former players:

Toten86 Rip Joe Pa. Very sad to hear of his passing. He is the greatest coach ever. #paterno 1/22/12 12:05 PM
Weatherford5 Prayers and condolences to the Paterno Family and the Penn State Nation. He was a man of integrity. God bless. 1/22/12 11:45 AM
damienwoody I’m glad ppl are so perfect on here….so ppl can’t show respect to JoePa now?!?! 1/22/12 11:05 AM
damienwoody It’s crazy how ppl bringing up the scandal….respect that man 4 his accomplishments! #RIPJoePa 1/22/12 10:38 AM
klock81 Sad to hear about the passing of Joe Paterno 1/22/12 10:34 AM
LorenzoNeal RiP Joe Paterno!One Love 1/22/12 10:33 AM