West Coast / East Coast Beef pulled the Jets locker room apart

West Coast / East Coast Beef pulled the Jets locker room apart

Talk about making some more waves!  The Jets locker room fallout continues and it’s LaDainian Tomlinson continuing to tell the media what went down in the Jets locker room all season long.  Let me tell you, it’s ugly.  What it comes down to is Santonio Holmes freaking out not getting the ball and hating on Mark Sanchez.  It got so bad, LT says the players had to disengage and they referred to the battle as “West Coast – East Coast Beef”.   Not good.

I watched the episode of “Inside the NFL” on ShowTime where LT was a guest and in the second segment of the show he dumped it all out on how bad the locker room was.  There was no fliter and basically he was throwing many under the bus including Sanchez, Holmes, Rex and Mike Tannenbaum.  My jaw literately hit the ground.  I mean, I wasn’t shocked there was a problem as we all knew, but it was his fluidity describing it and the details that had me realizing just how bad this team is right now.

Tomlinson, who spent two seasons with the Jets, was asked if he would bring both players back for 2012. “Whew, that is a tough one,” Tomlinson said. “I would really have to sit down with them and see if they can co-exist, honestly. I mean that is a decision that I really have to make. And if I really feel like they can’t, then you have to make a move.” Read More

What makes you think that this will correct itself?  It all depends on Mark Sanchez being able to get Holmes the ball.  It doesn’t matter that Mark made Keller his favorite target this year and had his most successful year in touchdowns thrown.   I get why we missed the playoffs too, I’m not naive.  It was a team effort in failing including Mark Sanchez struggling to read defenses and just looking like a deer in headlights.  The man lost his confidence and it showed in his body language, but he is talented.  To say he is a bad quarterback skill wise is silly in my mind.

West Coast / East Coast Beef

The Jets can do exactly what LT recommends and the Sanchez/Holmes relationship may be peachy until the season starts and if Holmes is not getting the action he desires, we will have a replay of a locker room problem.  Is that the gamble the Jets want to take?  Let’s keep this simple.  Holmes is all about himself.  He is a team player when he’s happy and that’s when he’s getting the ball.  Win or lose, he’s happy if his stats or up.  You can’t convince me otherwise, as his actions his entire career prove that.

I know the Jest are basically held hostage with Holmes’ contract (and I blame the Jets and Tanny for wanted to sign him long term knowing damn well what kind of person he was).  I say take the hit, but understand that is all pure emotion talking.  You don’t want me as your GM right now, because any negativity a player possesses despite talent goes out the door in my opinion.  It would be the only way to clean up the team and get them back to ground zero.

So it’s quite simple for me.  Dump Holmes, eat his contract, keep Sanchez and move on.

The Jets will have one of their biggest challenges this off-season.  That is for sure.

  • Bclaudio

    I’m sorry but i can’t be for dumping either of them.  The financial strain on the team would be at far too much of a cost.  They need to pretend they are grownups and make nice.  The same thing we all have to do at our jobs.