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Damien Woody “I could’ve played but I chose the family”

Damien Woody “I could’ve played but I chose the family”

I love twitter, as you probably know.  I like seeing one tweet that catches my interest and then with a click of a button I can see the full conversation.  Most of the time the talk is short and sweet, but in some cases like this one, it is long and revealing.

Here is Damien Woody having a conversation with a Jets fan, Jone E Jet, who I know from L7 AND randomly ran into at the AFC Championship during half time while we were being abused by Steelers fans.

damienwoody RT @ByTimGraham: LaDainian Tomlinson on Showtime tonight: Jets locker room “is as bad as I’ve ever been around, honestly.” 1/18/12 6:35 PM
JonEJet @damienwoody Seems as if you and Big Jenk actually enjoy the fact the locker room is a mess. Hold grudges? I know Jenk does with Rex 1/18/12 6:38 PM
damienwoody @JonEJet I don’t have a grudge against anyone….I RT’d that b/c LT was in the locker room, not me 1/18/12 6:40 PM
JonEJet @damienwoody Again, I know you’d never say…I just don’t think you or Jenk wanted to retire…but the Jets sort of forced your hand..JMO 1/18/12 6:43 PM
damienwoody @JonEJet I could’ve played but I chose the family 1/18/12 6:45 PM
JonEJet @damienwoody Obviously you could have played, but don’t think you would have started the season “active’ Brutal injury to rebound from 1/18/12 6:47 PM
JonEJet @damienwoody Family always best choice…I just liked your game…tough, stout run blocker…held your own in passing game…Just a fan dude 1/18/12 6:49 PM
damienwoody @JonEJet I would’ve probably been on the PUP list 1/18/12 6:50 PM
damienwoody @JonEJet I love the game! Nothing like grounding & pounding, I love Rex for that 1/18/12 6:52 PM
JonEJet @damienwoody Don’t think people can appreciate how difficult it is to move from the inside to outside on an island.obv needed u in locker rm 1/18/12 6:52 PM
  • http://twitter.com/CBJetsfan60 Curtis Barnes

    @damienwoody seems to be a stand up guy. I think the Jets did him dirty regarding his injury.But Hunter played well last year in playoffs, the Jets were foolish to cut a veteran and team leader on and off the field. His presence is truly missed.