Giants fan runs into Nick Mangold, asks for picture and gets rejected

Giants fan runs into Nick Mangold, asks for picture and gets rejected

A Giants fan has called Nick Mangold Classless.  Wait, let me get you caught up on the story.  So it’s Nick’s birthday and he’s in Atlantic City at the Water Club, probably celebrating.   I’m sure random people recognize big Nick all the time and ask him for a picture or autograph.  I mean, with that beard and hair and the shear size of him, he is hard to miss.

Hey, Giants fan, get a clue!

So a guy tweets at 12:16pm (the Giants are going to play in Green Bay at 4:30 in a divisional playoff game) that Nick is classless because he won’t take a picture with him.  DUDE, Nick wasn’t born yesterday.  I’m not speaking for Nick, but if it were me, I probably wouldn’t want that picture being plastered all over twitter.  The Jets center posing with a guy in Giants Garb.  No Way. 

The Giants claim that the Jets are the little brother and yes there is a rivalry between the two teams.    Could you imagine all the captions under the picture?!   So there have been greater travesties than guys like Skinny Mike asking their star cross town rivals for a picture and getting rejected.  Stop crying Mr. Skinny, last I checked your in the NFC Championship.

SkinnyMike3 Just saw @nickmangold @ the WaterClub in AC. Kindly asked him for a picture (in my g-men gear) and he said no. Classless. I kindly reminded him who the best team in NY has and always will be. . 1/15/12 12:16 PM
nickmangold @SkinnyMike3 classless? I laugh 1/15/12 4:10 PM
SkinnyMike3 @nickmangold Be honest. Was it the Giants shirt? If so, fair enough. 1/15/12 4:15 PM
nickmangold @SkinnyMike3 it didn’t help 1/15/12 4:19 PM
SkinnyMike3 I respect that & the Jets are my #2 team but born & raised gmen fan. Woulda loved a pic with u 1/15/12 4:22 PM
SkinnyMike3 How bout them #GMEN. Best team in NYC. @nickmangold #Angry&JealousJet 1/16/12 11:37 AM
nickmangold @SkinnyMike3 and yet, you wanted a picture with me. I’m confused 1/16/12 12:54 PM
  • harry ballsack

    why would he be classless.. give the guy a fucking break. its his time off to spend with friends and family, why does he need to take a picture with some douche?

  • Heather

    I want to punch this guy in the face. Mangold is the man.

  • Conklin James

    gmen can blo me go jets

  • KieraMassette

    If you were a real Giants fan, you wouldn’t have wanted a pic w/a Jet in the first place. #Duh He prob got a hard-on when Nick tweeted him back.

  • Aganggreen

    You got to give the guy credit, he has some balls, no brains but alot of balls.

  • Brazee07

    Hes a classless asshole. And im a Jets fan..

  • Dbarbella

    I guess that @douchebagmike3 was already taken?

  • Gsss

    If he didn’t want to take the picture at all, that’s fine, if it was because he’s a Giants fan, that’s pretty classless.

  • jetsssssssssssss

    this guy is a dick he says he respects him and the jet yet he implies mangold is a angry and jealous jet? what the fuck what a douche bag skinny mike is, mikes the classless one