Some Jets Fans lash out at Cole and Smith on twitter

Some Jets Fans lash out at Cole and Smith on twitter

Maquice Cole and Eric Smith always tweet each other on twitter.  It’s more obvious now that the season is over and many players are active these days as opposed to the season.

A tweet between Smith, Cromartie and Cole got some fans upset which in turn got the players talking about the haters.



quice Hahahaha RT @ACromartie: @quice And @Esmitty33 people asking when we play today. I told them we play @ 3:30 today on Madden 12 1/15/12 5:55 PM
danmorse96 @ACromartie @esmitty33 @quice I’m glad you all are having fun joking about Madden, while us #Jets fans are watching the #Giants in playoffs. 1/15/12 5:58 PM
quice Hahahaha RT @TonyScala: @quice gotta love twitter. sad dudes trying to make roster changes from their mom’s basement. #ifonly 1/15/12 6:11 PM

Esmitty33 Hey @quice how many of these haters you think would say what they tweet in person? My guess is none but they’ll say they would on here 1/15/12 5:42 PM
quice Ok, that’s that. @Esmitty33 is a good friend of mine and great or terrible, in your opinion, I still got his back. He a BEAST in my opinion! 1/15/12 6:11 PM
Esmitty33 I love you too 1/15/12 6:15 PM
GangGreen1983 @MCharlesNY @jetsfan300 @quice @ACromartie @Esmitty33 I’m happy to see teammates stick up for each other put the NFL knows he can’t cover 1/15/12 6:29 PM
GangGreen1983 It is what it is #33 is only good vs run can’t cover@MCharlesNY: @quice @jetsfan300 @ACromartie @Esmitty33 he can’t cover and is ultra slow. 1/15/12 6:21 PM
RobertTedesco @quice eric smith is garbage bro sorry he ur boy but hes terrible 1/15/12 6:16 PM
NYJ_Annie @quice I agree @Esmitty33 is a beast. Great player 1/15/12 6:14 PM
jetsfan300 @quice @Esmitty33 well I’m glad there are still players like you quice in our locker room! Unity is what we need! Let’s get it next year! 1/15/12 6:12 PM
  • Jim

    I’ve come to accept it too, Joe Willy’s tweets yesterday made it a little easier. Like I’ve been saying all offseason we have to trust Rex, if he wants him then we have to have faith that he’s right. It’s gonna be so wierd seeing him in the green & white, I don’t think I’ll ever get use to that!

  • darius

    Finally somebody who gets that ish. LOL Alls I heard was wah wah wah jason taylor called me names wah wah wah mommy mommy he called me names from that other guy. Some jets fans are being such babys about it. Toughen up. We da J-E-T-S!

  • Guest

    Punk players that dis the same people that make it possible for them to get their fat checks. I see some of the other teams out there and how they play with heart and I’m disgusted with the attitude of these players. F them!

  • Praudonat

    speaking of mother’s basements… i wonder where cole & smith will be after they get cut

  • Usawrstling12504

    cut eric smith, WHY does he think he is good?