Jim Leonhard gets vocal on twitter during the playoffs

Jim Leonhard gets vocal on twitter during the playoffs

Jets Safety Jim Leonhard was ready for playoff football yesterday.  The past seasons it was because he was in it, but this year was sitting home as the Jets didn’t have a prayer this year making into the tournament.  Even if the Jets did make it in, Jim’s injury to his leg would have kept him out.  Leonhard is getting very active on twitter, not only voicing his opinion of the games, but replying back to fans (something he hardly did in the past).

jimleonhard Nothing like playoff football. 1/14/12 8:22 PM

SI_PeterKing The eternal Belichickian question: Why do you employ a backup quarterback, if not to use him up 35 with seven minutes to play? 1/14/12 11:11 PM
DSpiel54 @jimleonhard Im Jets all day n I hate the Pats but running ^ the score shuldnt be considered unsportsmanlike, complaining about it should be 1/14/12 11:20 PM
jimleonhard @DSpiel54 I could care less about running up the score, D job to stop them. No need for the risk, big picture all about getting a ring. 1/14/12 11:22 PM


jimleonhard Remember when Tebowing was called praying any everybody was allowed to do it. 1/14/12 10:06 PM
E_Rock14 @jimleonhard why must people pick on #Tebow for praying it’s not right I’m an all out #Jets fan but come on no knocking praying! 1/14/12 10:19 PM
jimleonhard @E_Rock14 I’m not knocking praying, I’m knocking people who act like Tebow is doing something other than praying. 1/14/12 10:28 PM


jimleonhard I hate that most of the announcers for NFL games are ex offensive players. This needs to change. Ridiculously bias for offenses. 1/14/12 9:43 PM
rodboone Time to step into da booth RT @jimleonhard: I hate most announcers for NFL games are ex offensive players. Needs to change. Ridiculous bias 1/14/12 9:46 PM
jimleonhard @rodboone Don’t try to kick me out of the league yet. They will try soon enough. 1/14/12 9:50 PM