Jets Cromartie says he’s a team player; do you believe him?

Jets Cromartie says he’s a team player; do you believe him?

I saw a couple of tweets from a normally quiet guy, Antonio Cromartie, who suddenly has become a chatty cathy on twitter.  I saw the posts last night that he was proud that Pro Football Focus released the top cornerbacks in the NFL for 2011.

I forgot to write them up in a story last night until I saw our good friend Kristine Reese @kristinereese post them on her blog as the “Tweet of the Week” on the site.  Hat tip for reminding me.

ACromartie Rank Name Team TA Rec % Ct 1 Darrelle Revis NYJ 85 35 41.2 6 Antonio Cromartie NYJ 84 39 46.4. Stats don’t lie best corner back tandem 1/12/12 9:40 PM
ACromartie Honestly I could careless about individual stats. I jus want to win and we damn sure didn’t do that. 1/12/12 9:51 PM
ACromartie I found that interesting so I posted if u don’t like it who cares u can unfollow me it’s my TimeLine. I’ve always been a team 1st guy 1/12/12 9:58 PM
ACromartie I keep getting this ? Abt what we need 2 do 2 get to the SB. 1st we have to buy n2 what the coaches are telling us snd play 4 each other n not ours. Play as a team. That’s how we win. 1/12/12 10:20 PM

Now maybe Cromartie is turning over a new leaf, because his REPUTATION was that he was a “me me me, I,  I,  I” guy.  When the break down of the locker room occurred everyone kept saying that they lost all their leaders and replaced them with selfish players.  Most notable names being lumped together here Plaxico, Holmes and Cromartie.

What’s interesting is the timing of these tweets.  Maybe Cro is sick of being labeled a selfish player and decided to take to twitter to set the record straight.  If you look at his one post, he says that you can unfollow him and he’s been a team first guy.  So obviously people already labeled him on how they read about him in the press and were giving him a hard time on twitter.

The reason I like twitter (as I always say), the player can set the record straight from the horses mouth and it’s up to you to believe him.