U Mad Bro?

U Mad Bro?

If I was a betting man, I’m pretty sure Gerald is referring to this article, which happens to be the one we wrote.

Using a creative hash tag on twitter, theu ultimate  sub-tweet went out this afternoon.

DontUseTheTwitterDiscussionMaterialIHave WithMyFollowersAsAHeadlineForAnArticleOnYourBlogSiteBro

Oh he mad.    Or is he?

RBauer813@GAlexander21: #youmad 1/12/12 3:55 PM
GAlexander21 @RBauer813 Lol u know I ain’t mad. We keeps discussions real ova here u know that. No matter what. 1/12/12 3:57 PM
GAlexander21 As u can see I like 2 have fun w/ twitter for those of u that r new. If ur sensitive PLEASE keep followin so I can get http://t.co/5c3O9Sx6 1/12/12 4:05 PM