Jets Safety Gerald Alexander questioning the credibility of Manish Mehta?

Jets Safety Gerald Alexander questioning the credibility of Manish Mehta?

Now this is getting interesting (as if it wasn’t already).  In the light of the big story breaking yesterday that someone anonymously ripped Mark Sanchez, Gerald Alexander of the Jets is taking a different approach.  He’s asking the question that the writer, in this case Manish Mehta, has credibility.  Alexander on twitter, who goes by @GAlexander21, wants to see some proof that someone actually said those things about Sanchez.

GAlexander21 So is there some type of “proof” that an “Unnamed Player” did say those specific things or we just riding on the credibility of the writer? 1/12/12 12:54 AM
GAlexander21 Trust & believe whoever it is will never say it was them but it’s kinda easy to put some words together n make it believable especially now 1/12/12 12:57 AM

Gerald Alexander

Now Gerald, with all due respect, I have to come to the defense of Manish.  I’ve been a Jets fan WAY longer than you have been on this team (what, a couple of months).  You have been around the league and out of the area, and how could you know who Manish Mehta is if you didn’t follow him.  I’m telling you this right now, he did not make up that story.

I see a lot of fans are upset at Manish for publishing the story, but why are we shooting the messenger?  Isn’t it his job to break stories especially if someone contacted him and spilled their guts?

I understand why some Jets players are upset especially if they know they are not part of being critical of Mark but if you don’t come out now as his teammate and condemn it, people will question you. @TheJetsStream story false, tells teammates attacking Mark to man up” href=””> Many Jets players hit the airwaves and twitter to denounce the statements made by this coward.  For all we know, the coward could have been the one out there saying he supports Sanchez, but we will never know will we?


  • Jonathan Gallo

    Just seems strange that this story broke on fire Schotty day.

  • Kristine Reese

    Hmm..I dont necessarily see it as Gerald calling Manish a liar, I see him questioning his integrity. THAT is a valid observation.

    • Erik Manassy

      Totally agree.

  • Anonymous

    Manish failed to present a balanced view. If he’d spoken to Mangold or Slauson or Keller he could have had pro-Sanchez comments in the article. Worse, perhaps he had those comments and omitted them.

    Regurgitating sensationalist quotes is not journalism. Skewing a story to seem as negative as possible is not journalism. Failing to establish or identify the scale of the problem is disingenuous at best. This article was about raising Mehta’s profile and selling newspapers. It lacks integrity, credibility and honesty and is very disappointing coming from a reporter I had until now felt was writing with no overt agenda.

    • Erik Manassy

      WELL SAID!  I couldn’t have said it better myself!!