Antonio Cromartie doesn’t think the Jets should go after Peyton Manning

Antonio Cromartie doesn’t think the Jets should go after Peyton Manning

I have to give Antonio Cromartie a lot of credit.  On the day where a coward Jets player came out and basically destroyed Mark Sanchez, the corner back game out on twitter answer fans asking about the state of the team.   I saw some Jets fans tweets where they were speculating who could be the one who said those things about Mark anonymously.

Well after reading Cro’s timeline, I put my doubts about him to bed.  He came to his defense and he handled some critics and other questions nicely on twitter.

teamwork777 @ACromartie what ya think should we get manning ? Sanchez I believe he will be good but cmon.. 1/11/12 8:00 PM
ACromartie No we shouldn’t Mark can get the job I think he will b more confident with his throws with all the critics coming after him. @teamwork777 1/11/12 8:25 PM
jhillohio @ACromartie @teamwork777 I agree with you Cro. I’d like to see Mark under the new OC. 1/11/12 8:36 PM
jetsfan1977 @ACromartie jets need to stop bickering between each other and go out and be a team. Come on guys! 1/11/12 4:12 PM
ACromartie U right @jetsfan1977 1/11/12 4:38 PM

Check this out.  A Patriots fan goes after Cro and I commend him on how he replies.

AlanBazOfficial @ACromartie Probably the worst corner in the league… Enjoy watching the playoffs from your armchair #PatriotsNation 1/11/12 4:25 PM
ACromartie I know. I wish we were playin n the playoffs. But that’s y hard wrk this off-season will pay off. Jets will b better n ’12 @AlanBazOfficial 1/11/12 4:38 PM
SpoonJon @Mark_Sanchez @nickmangold @jimleonhard @santonio10 @plaxico @ACromartie @nyjets stop pointing fingers and start working for the common goal 1/11/12 11:11 AM
ACromartie @SpoonJon tell me about the goal is to win a SB for this organization. That’s it. We will build (cont) 1/11/12 11:15 AM
NikkieandMike @ACromartie alot of changes for the @nyjets , how you feeling about it? U can change coaches all u want , players gotta make plays happen  1/11/12 8:18 AM
ACromartie @NikkieandMike u right we as players must buy into what the coaches believe and play ball. It’s never the coaches we must execute every play 1/11/12 8:49 AM
  • G.M.F.

    Never Forgive & Never Forget….Ryan is just stacking players to get to the Super Bowl…Cant Fathom this decision, where fans are disgusted with this management choice…Its like the Front Office basically stabbed the fans in the back…There are players among other teams that are hated because they play for that team, then there is Jason Taylor straight out punk…Used the media to right out diss the fans of gang green…Trash talk between players fine..Trash talk between fans fine…But when a player singles out fans of a division rival & constantly attacks verbal abuse for the sake of he dislikes them, how can that player willing come and play for that team…Doesnt make sense, yes he is an athlete whom is out-dated!

  • Anonymous

    If Peyton is healthy and willing he’s the best qb in football. Of course you go get him. If you have concerns about his health you don’t.