Jets Sione Pouha answers your questions; all 86 of them on twitter

Jets Sione Pouha answers your questions; all 86 of them on twitter

NT Sione Pouha had a great season.  In fact many are saying that he probably is the most underrated player in the NFL and the New York Jets.  Now the big man is upping his game….. on twitter.

Pouha91 #boredtweet ask me any question #passingtime 1/9/12 12:07 PM
Pouha91 Thanks for all who tune into @pouha91 I need to be more active on twitter. Thanks for the questions I’ll try to keep up. 1/9/12 7:44 PM

So what did people tune into?  Sione tweeted and answered about 89 tweets in an hour.  Wow.  I think he probably just set the record for most tweets.  I’ve posted all the tweets in an easy to read format here on my Jets Tumblr site, but let’s dive into the more interesting tweets here.

There were questions asking Pouha more about his personal preferences in life, at home and especially about the Jets.  Sione’s contract is up and the JETS must make it a priority to sign this high quality leader.  A fan asked him where he wants to play next year and he answered:

Pouha91@SaraSmilex3: @Pouha91 ideally where do you wanna play next year?” any place that’ll have me 1/9/12 1:14 PM

On the Jets:

Pouha91@Lilbeachbut: @Pouha91 whats it like it run out of the jets tunnel at a home game, with the fans chanting?” nothing like it. 1/9/12 6:55 PM
Pouha91@NYJETSFANCOM: @Pouha91 Impressions on Wilk and Ellis?” GREAT 1/9/12 1:40 PM
Pouha91@ottomelonn: @Pouha91 what’s the best thing rex ryan has ever said to you?” play great 1/9/12 1:15 PM
Pouha91@stevempoole: @Pouha91 How are you feeling about Jeremy Kerley? I have a good feeling about him!” great player 1/9/12 1:09 PM

More on Teammates and Jets: (to see all the tweets in their native form)

  • What was your favorite play of the year?  Pouha:  Mo n Kendrick (rookies) making plays.
  • Are you enjoying your time off?  Pouha:  Rather be playing
  • How does it feel NOT to be in the playoffs, does it give you more fire next year?  Pouha:  NO QUESTION
  • First time crowd hollered “POUUUUUUUUUHA” after a stop, what did you think?  Pouha:  GREAT
  • Who’s the fastest player on the Jets D-line?  Pouha:  You know already, LOL.
  • Which city did you enjoy visiting the most during the season?  Pouha:  They were all business trips 4 me.  No time for enjoying.
  • What’s better, the entire stadium chanting the Jets chant, or screaming “POUUUUUUUUUHA”?  Pouha:  All of the above
  • Would you guys like to play in London?  Would be Awesome!    Pouha:  No Doubt.
  • Favorite player that isn’t a Jet?  Pouha:  Troy (Polamalu) of the Steelers
  • Rank the cancers in the lockerroom.  HEY, you said to ask anything.  Pouha:  NONE
  • What player on the team inspired you the most?  Pouha:  All inspire in a different way
  • Best memory as a member of the Jets?  Pouha:  Always putting on that helmet.
  • What part of your game to you plan on improving the most in the offseason?  Pouha:  Pass Rush
  • Does it bother you how the media takes shots at Rex cause of what he says?  Pouha:  Rex is great
  • In your opinion, what went wrong for the Jets this year?  Pouha:  Only looking forward
  • What teammate are you closest to?  Pouha:  all 53
  • Do you think Tebow can make it as an NFL QB?  Pouha:  He’s balling out.
  • Was there any truth to McEllroy’s statements?  Pouha:  Much love and respect for all my teammates.  Got their back anytime, anywhere.
  • How much do you like playing for Rex?  Pouha:  Love it
  • Who is the toughest lineman you have faced during your career?  Pouha:  Ogden
  • When do you get back practicing with your teammates?  Pouha:  When OTA Starts
  • What do you think of Tebow?  Pouha:  Great Player
  • % you believe you will be back with the Jets?  Pouha:  Everything has a course and process.  We will see.
  • You were amazing this season!  Any plans for the off season?  Pouha:  Let my body recover then rebuild back up for the season.

More on a personal note:  (to see all the tweets in their native form)

  • When was the last time you got a haircut? – Pouha:  July 2nd
  • Favorite Movie of all Time?  Pouha – Glatiator
  • How much can you bench press and squat?  You look huge on tv.  Pouha – Enough, lol
  • If you didn’t play football, what would you be doing?  Pouha – Coaching
  • What’s your best dish to make?  Pouha:  Ribs
  • Favorite pre-game meal?  Pouha:  Pancakes with peanut butter and syrup.
  • Any new video seriers in the works?  (Life of a lockout in 2011) Pouha:  I just might
  • Favorite midnight snack?  Pouha: I need to not have a midnight snack LOL
  • Favorite Wrestler?  Pouha:  Ultimate Warrior (mine too)
  • Who was the one person you looked up to growing up?  Pouha:  My Dad (he passed away)
  • Favorite reality show?  Pouha:  Love reality.  Kardashian, moonshine, ti n tiny, housewives.
  • Who has been the greatest inspiration in your life?  Pouha:  God, Parents, Wife, Kids.
  • What’s your motto in life?  Pouha:  ALWAYS be loyal to principle
  • Favorite Kids show?  Pouha:  During my childhood DuckTales #Classic, Current Yogabagaba