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Brad Smith always the class act; what did he say on twitter?

Brad Smith always the class act; what did he say on twitter?

Brad Smith has always been a Jets fan favorite and with the debacle of the Jets ending season, it’s more evident that we miss character guys such as Brad in the locker room.  Smith has no problem being respectful and kind to Jets fans on twitter.

He also showed his love to former teammate Jerricho Cotchery with a tweet when J-Co caught the tying clutch touchdown.  The Steelers eventually lost to Denver but it was great to see many of the Jets tweet their respect to Cotch.

JoeTran19 @RealBradSmith u prob don’t care much for us Jets fans but we appreciated the level of class and game play you and cotch had, #professionals 1/8/12 7:56 PM
RealBradSmith @JoeTran19 always have love for you guys! Much appreciated 1/8/12 7:58 PM

tweedler06 @RealBradSmith You need to surprise the world with your receiving skillz! My bad I miss spelled it the first time. Thanks for tweeting back! 1/8/12 8:04 PM
RealBradSmith @tweedler06 lol!! Gotcha! Will do my best! God Bless! 1/8/12 8:17 PM
RealBradSmith@TheJetsStream: Personal note: You won’t find a better person in the NFL than Jerricho Cotchery. 100 percent class. #nfl absolutely not 1/8/12 7:49 PM
RealBradSmith JCo!!!!!!!!!!! 1/8/12 7:44 PM
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