Kerry Rhodes says that ‘all the real leaders are gone’ from the Jets

Kerry Rhodes says that ‘all the real leaders are gone’ from the Jets

I found this tweet a little late but still thought it was revealing.  Jets fans know that Kerry Rhodes was traded to the Cardinals because he didn’t fit into Rex’s style, cutlture and there were reports that Kerry had difficulty learning the playbook.

That’s all in the past now but a Jets fan tweeted Kerry that all the leaders were gone and he agreed.  I had written recently that the Jets need to find real leaders and they better do it soon.

eman39 @kerryrhodes I know it not ur problem but NYJ back in chasos again. No leadership on that ship. Good luck next year in New Orleans or ATL 1/2/12 6:20 PM
kerryrhodes @eman39 all the real leaders are gone! but they got the type of guys and team they wanted. have a great day. 1/2/12 11:08 PM
  • True Believer….

    Why should anyone care what Kerry Rhodes thinks?  If I’m not mistaken…he’s sitting on the couch, with the rest of the Arizona Cardinals, watching the play offs just like the JETS.  So again I ask…who cares what he thinks and why even ask the question? 

  • Barbella

    You don’t have to be a Rhodes Schollar to see Kerry “Hollyweird” puts tthe ‘I’ before ‘Team’ – exactly the corrupt, cancerous sports personality that Greg McElroy is referring. Happy Jets jettisoned that bad cargo long ago!!!