Westerman promises playoffs next year to Jets beatwriter

Westerman promises playoffs next year to Jets beatwriter

New York Jets beatwriter Jeane Coakley who works for SNY put out a tweet stating that it’s weird not covering a Jets playoff game this year.  Yes it is weird.  I will say this, for all the grief the Jets got from fans this year, we have been spoiled with SO MANY playoff games the past two years.  Of course we want to go every year and especially win a super bowl!! Jets fans deserve it, don’t we.  Especially the one’s that are also Mets fans (me).

So Jets LB  Jamaal Westerman replied to Jeane’s tweet.


JeaneCoakleySNY Weird not covering a team in the playoffs…but I’m enjoying watching the games on my couch. #NFL 1/7/12 5:12 PM
JWesterman55 Next yr. 1/7/12 5:14 PM
JeaneCoakleySNY @JWesterman55 I’m holding you to that! 1/7/12 9:54 PM
JWesterman55 @JeaneCoakleySNY please do 1/7/12 10:00 PM
  • Jaro

    Manassy, this is not a promise. This is not anywhere near a promise. You’re adding to it, man. Thumbs down.

    • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

      He said next year.  That’s not a promise?  Ok, a prediction?  What would you call it?