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Jets’ safety Gerald Alexander takes a page out of Rex’s book

Jets’ safety Gerald Alexander takes a page out of Rex’s book
GAlexander21 Save it, favorite it, do what u want but I guarantee I’m playing next season in January in green n white…. 1/7/12 1:11 AM

I thought we said making bold statements is getting old?  1st he says he’s playing.  2nd, he says playoffs.  Playoffs?  (in my Jim Mora voice).  I hope you are right big guy because sitting home this month stinks.  I miss my road trips.  (personally I would love to have a home game, but let’s not get greedy!)

  • Anonymous

    I think we’ll be in the playoffs, but how about the 5th string safety shuts up? He probably won’t even make the team.

    • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

      Ouch. ;)

  • Sherb

    wheres is the I have no freakin Idea option? cuz after 25 years as a Jets fan I have no freakin Idea.

  • Geeman120

    rex needs to be more involved with coaching instead of this bs talk do you talking on the field new off coach new front line and new def line sanchez needs to study harder and man up

    • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

      Man up.  I like that.  He needs to do that.  Yup.  Hold his players more accountable.  Stop being their friend.