Derrick Mason on Jets media tour; was he made the scapegoat?

Derrick Mason on Jets media tour; was he made the scapegoat?

Derrick Mason made his media tour yesterday to talk about his short stint with the New York Jets. He claims he was made a “scapegoat” by the Jets for the problems in their locker room.

The Jets traded Mason after five games to the Texans. Mason had trouble learning the playbook with the Jets, and was critical of teammates just before he was sent packing.

Former Jets WR Derrick Mason was around for the first chapter of the team’s turmoil-plagued season — some will say he contributed to it — and he sensed that “things started to heat up” in the locker room in October. Mason also suggested that the Jets’ leaders didn’t do enough to prevent the dissension from taking over. – ESPN

Derrick didn't last long with the Jets

deemason85 But I do hope Rex gets that them back to where they were last year bc he’s one of my favorite coaches!I bet I catch flack for that as well. 1/1/12 5:41 PM
axeman32 @deemason85 if you cared you would have studied your playbook, worked hard and not thrown the offense under the bus. #teamcancer #retire 1/6/12 10:38 AM
deemason85 @axeman32 – find any article or website where I threw offn under bus or a individual? Don’t just make things up and tweet them. #comeonson 1/6/12 11:37 AM
axeman32 @deemason85 after loss to the Ravens you complained of “cracks” in the offense then went to Rex with Plax and Holmes to cry. #comeonson 1/6/12 12:05 PM
deemason85 @axeman32 – rt and wrong.cracks in a offen I was a part of so yes I thru us all under bus.. Complaining –wrong! #uhavenoclue 1/6/12 12:34 PM