Cromartie talks about next year; missing the playoffs and more on twitter

Cromartie talks about next year; missing the playoffs and more on twitter

During the season the players really didn’t talk this season (they did prior seasons).  I guess losing gets you to be quiet online since most people would criticism them unmercifully for not focusing on the season.  When you are winning people tend to let things like that slide.

One player who has been active since the season started is Antonio Cromartie.  Cro was active today on twitter interacting with some fans.


ACromartie U have to make the offense pay when u have the opportunity. 1/7/12 6:57 PM
Focused_K @ACromartie what do us Jets fans have to look forward to next year Cro? 1/7/12 7:05 PM
ACromartie Hopefully making the playoffs. We have to make some serious changes if we talking about making it any where @Focused_K 1/7/12 7:08 PM


themunnandonly @ACromartie do you wear 31 because it’s your college number backwards? 1/7/12 6:58 PM
ACromartie Yea @themunnandonly 1/7/12 7:00 PM

TheKingJames87 @ACromartie aye Cro you going to the Heat game tonight? the boys are Hoopin in Jersey!!! #Heat #AllTheyDoIsWin 1/7/12 5:11 PM
ACromartie I was going to go but changed my mind. @TheKingJames87 1/7/12 5:12 PM


WilcoNYC @ACromartie Jets not in the playoffs is depressing Cro #JetsNation 1/7/12 4:52 PM
ACromartie Mane who u telling my 1st time in career that I haven’t been to the playoffs @WilcoNYC 1/7/12 4:53 PM
  • JetsFan45

    thanks to Cro, Mangold, Sione, keller. real men standing by a teammate. just takes 1 or 2 to make it look like clubhouse is a circus. I have met Keller, Revis, wilkerson, moore, dbrick, slauson, and others. good men. daily news should be ashamed of what they pass off as journalism. interview one of these guys. real quotes from real players.