Kris Jenkins says Jets are not serious about a ring as the players

Kris Jenkins says Jets are not serious about a ring as the players

Some people are being critical of Kris Jenkins speaking out for the Jets specifically Mark Sanchez.  Kris was on the radio but he also was tweeting about how Mark may lack the talent or leadership to take the Jets to the promised land.   If you read the following conversation Kris had with a fan (and me) he finally says the Jets are not serious about getting a ring like the players.

Yes  Jenkins WAS a player and retired this past year but what I think people are forgetting here is that he is now part of the media.  I think there is that transition and fans still view him as a player.  Fans are taking this as being disloyal but SNY is not paying him to be a cheerleader for his former team.

He is paid to give his opinion and he believes Mark Sanchez has taken a step back.  Here is the big guy trying to explain to people he’s moved on.

MyNJJETS @krisjenkins77 Just a word of caution…..please do not become the #NYJ version of the #NYG Tiki Barber……did not end well for him :( 1/6/12 9:32 AM
MyNJJETS @ipr549 @krisjenkins77 @SportsHubFantFB Can you say “3rd Straight 1 and Done”? Not crushed at the spewing just surprised at lack of class 1/6/12 9:42 AM
krisjenkins77 @MyNJJETS @ipr549 @SportsHubFantFB lack of class?? For explaining the why?? I wasn’t playing.. 1/6/12 9:46 AM
krisjenkins77 @MyNJJETS @ipr549 @SportsHubFantFB Im just saying its like you critiquing me about football and you never played… think about it for a sec 1/6/12 9:46 AM
MyNJJETS @krisjenkins77 @ipr549 @SportsHubFantFB Exactly – your critiquing Sanchez’ leadership skills having never been in his position-He’s the QB 1/6/12 9:52 AM
krisjenkins77 @MyNJJETS @ipr549 @SportsHubFantFB but I have been a leader. Any postiton can be a leader. You are starting to bore me talk to a current jet 1/6/12 9:53 AM
MyNJJETS @krisjenkins77 That’s ok Kris…….continue you’re tour…….I was a huge fan while you were a Jet. Upsetting to see the new you. 1/6/12 9:55 AM
krisjenkins77 @MyNJJETS @e_man It was coming out of Derrick Mason’s mouth and they cut him for it. 1/6/12 9:55 AM
krisjenkins77 @MyNJJETS YOU ARE WAYYY TOOO SENSITIVE FOR FOOTBALL!!!!! thats coming from the ole me ;-# 1/6/12 9:57 AM
MyNJJETS @krisjenkins77 @e_man Because MASAON broke all codes – and did NOT keep it IN HOUSE. You don’t go to the media. What kind of teammate does? 1/6/12 9:58 AM
MyNJJETS @krisjenkins77 @e_man I assure you no tears have been cried. Only disappointment realized. 1/6/12 10:00 AM
krisjenkins77 @MyNJJETS @e_man cause the organization isn’t as serious about a ring as the players!!!!!! 1/6/12 10:02 AM
  • Jonathan Gallo

    I got into a political conversation with Jay Feely and I talked with Jason Davis after we reuped Tony Richardson.

    • Erik Manassy

      Very cool!

  • Iain

    I cannot abide Jenkins constant statements about people who have never played in the NFL having no basis to question him. Why engage with people if you do not respect their right to have a different opinion?

    He comes across as arrogant and out of touch.

  • Bob Kole

    I want to know on what basis he is making his comments? So the Jets brought him to the team for what? Just go give him a paycheck?

  • Zeusny Cruz

    I’ve never played in the NFL either, but ill run right past your fat ass! !

    • Erik Manassy

      Well as someone who stood next to him on the field and got in the way of a drill, he moves pretty fast.

  • Anonymous

    I just don’t get what he means by the Jets not being serious about a ring.  Does he think managment is only interested in making money? You think Rex’s talking is about the franchise bottom line but not at all about winning? If that was the case the best way to make money is to win a super bowl and be a winner every year. I just don’t get that comment at all. 
    He’s part of the media and should be honest but there are reprecussions as a result and he needs to accept them.  Trashing every aspect of the organization from the players to ownership is not going to win you many frends.  Its especially odd considering how highly he spoke of them while being a player and after leaving.  Now when they are down he’s jumping all over them, seems a little fishy to me.