Good guy Marcus Dixon twitter conversations with fans @marcusdixon94

Good guy Marcus Dixon twitter conversations with fans @marcusdixon94

Marcus Dixon was a nice surprise this year.  Not only did he win the “Good Guy Award” with the Jets, he also shows that he is a good guy on twitter.  Check out some of the conversation he had with some fans yesterday.

It also looks like most players are on planes heading off to their homes or to much needed vacations, and Marcus is heading out with his GF.

MarcusDixon94 Off to bed. Weekend getaway starting tmrw for me and my lady. Nite tweoples!! Be Blessed 1/5/12 11:24 PM
jetsfan300 @MarcusDixon94 man I hope your shoulder surgery goes well bruh…then its time to attack this sb Chase head on for next season 1/5/12 5:46 PM
MarcusDixon94 @jetsfan300 thanks bro. I’ll be ok 1/5/12 8:56 PM
jetsfan300 @MarcusDixon94 ayo no prob…I hope so and I pray madbacker stays around because my jet updates say he might be gone…we need that beast 1/5/12 8:58 PM
jetsfan300 @MarcusDixon94 ayo Marcus check out my new tat bruh…Watchu think? 1/5/12 9:03 PM
MarcusDixon94 “@jetsfan300:  that’s tight 1/5/12 9:09 PM

That's die hard right there....

snuggliscious @MarcusDixon94 ;) 1/5/12 5:45 PM
MarcusDixon94 “@snuggliscious:  that’s pretty awesome. Thank you 1/5/12 8:56 PM

That's a nice authentic


  •  Craig Keller

    As I said on Twitter: Brandon Marshall coming to the AFC East is only going to make what Darrelle Revis does this year that much more incredible.

    Pretty confident that Revis Island is going to earn himself a bronze bust this year. Im predicting Night Train Lane type of year for him.