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Former Jets’ Kris Jenkins says Mark Sanchez is afraid of his own upside

Former Jets’ Kris Jenkins says Mark Sanchez is afraid of his own upside

I said it before and I’ll say it again, boy is it getting interesting in Jets land!  Many former Jets are speaking out like Erik Ainge, Marvin Jones and now Kris Jenkins.

I was peeking in on a conversation the former NT and he was having a conversation with fans.  It was very interesting to see his opinion of Mark Sanchez.


krisjenkins77 @7BOOMERESIASON man I had to run to the bathroom I almost didn’t make it. Laughing @ what you said about Sanchez. 1/5/12 1:57 PM
nyjetstories @krisjenkins77 @7BOOMERESIASON Kirs did you feel that way when you were on the team? How did players see Sachez? 1/5/12 2:01 PM
krisjenkins77 @nyjetstories @7BOOMERESIASON no because he was young. You expect those things then but he is worse now than then. He is not getting better 1/5/12 2:03 PM
nyjetstories @krisjenkins77 @7BOOMERESIASON Does it have to do with coaching and grooming or is he not talented? 1/5/12 2:10 PM
krisjenkins77 @nyjetstories @7BOOMERESIASON Combination of it all 1/5/12 2:30 PM


BigKat6 @krisjenkins77 you been killing Sanchez as a part of the media=job, but what did you think of him when u were on the team? 1/5/12 1:59 PM
krisjenkins77 @BigKat6 not killing him just disappointed. I know his upside, but he is scared of it. If he wasn’t good enough I would understand but he is 1/5/12 2:01 PM
krisjenkins77 @krisjenkins77 @BigKat6 I feel he had the opportunity to take this team and he didn’t trying too hard to please the wrong people. 1/5/12 2:07 PM
rydogg23 @krisjenkins77 @BigKat6 who is “the wrong people”? 1/5/12 2:27 PM
krisjenkins77 @rydogg23 @BigKat6 people who aren’t buying in to the NY JETS SUCCESS 1/5/12 2:31 PM