Do you support Greg McElroy for speaking out about the Jets locker room?

Do you support Greg McElroy for speaking out about the Jets locker room?

It’s getting very interesting in Jets land.  VERY INTERESTING.  So how bad was that locker room?  Some players have been talking slightly about the locker room and gave some hints that maybe it may have been split or that some players had given up.

The Holmes show in the two minute warning was obvious that it had happened but yesterday, Greg McElroy game out and called the locker room “Corrupt”.

Cnimbley Only teammates that would have a problem with his comments, would be the ones he’s talking about and really they could care less obviously 1/4/12 3:39 PM

Greg Takes Shots at the Jets Locker Room

“It’s definitely not a fun place to be, I can assure you,” McElroy said. “It’s the first time I’ve ever been around extremely selfish individuals, and I think that’s maybe the nature of the NFL. But there were people within our locker room that didn’t care whether we won or lost, as long as they got their … they really had good games individually. That’s the disappointing thing, and it’s going to take a lot to kind of come together.”

“I think the fact that we struggled at times this year really led to a really just corrupt mindset within the locker room. But I think we’re going to regroup, and I know we’re going to be a better team because of the trials and tribulations this year.”

Here is my take.  Players should not go on the radio and talk about what happened in the locker room.  That is an in-house issue and let’s hope Rex can resolve it.  Now I like what Greg said.  He’s a high quality guy with nothing to lose.  He’s a 7th round backup pick.  If the Jets wanted to get rid of yet another quality player with a character, I’m sure Greg will be more than glad to move on, but did he tell the truth here?

What does he have to gain by lying?  NOTHING.

So I believe what Greg is saying, my only issue is that the way he talked about it publicly. Keep it in-house.

I’m not the only one not happy he spoke out but I don’t believe there is any reason to get personal and attack.  Former Jets backup QB Erik Ainge tweeted his opinion:

ErikAinge3 @nyjets Someone tell McElroy to keep his mouth shut about the NYJ “Locker Room” speaking in the media about your teammates, entitled brat! 1/5/12 7:33 AM

Entitled Brat? Based on what Erik?

Former offensive lineman and current ESPN analyst Damien Woody also put out a tweet.

damienwoody Everyone on the team needs to STFU! 2011 will never go away if ppl keep snitching! #nyj 1/4/12 4:11 PM

I wonder if this is going to continue, or will the Jets organization stop the 2011 bleeding.


  • Southfloridajetsfanclub

    McElroy was speaking the truth and he’s no dummy. Other NFL player’s
    might sound dumb at the mic but he isn’t. The guy scored a near-perfect
    Wonderlic score of 48.

    • Erik Manassy

      That’s why this is a big story I agree.  If this was someone with a 7, no one is caring about this. 

  • OklahomaJet

    Sometimes this is the only way change comes about, people need to be called out and feel the wrath of the public, to feel embarassed about being millionaires that are paid to play a team sport, but only have an individual mindset. Mac didn’t name names, so I’m perfectly good with this. I think its more of an idictment of Rex than anything. I love the fat man, but if he had a percentile of Belicheck, his players would be on the same page. I’m not saying get rid of him, but he needs to be a little more hands on. And Erik Ainge needs to kick the drugs before he smarts off about anyone else.

    • Erik Manassy

      You are right, it is an indictment of Rex.  He needs to make adjustments with how he coaches.  Stop being their buddy and turning a blind eye.  He needs to get in their mugs and hold them accountable.  Play time is over.

  • Adam Hudson

    I have seen people criticize Sanchez for not manning up and taking control, and calling out the malcontents on the team. McElroy is speaking his mind, revealing his frustration with certain players, and as a possible future leader of this team, I hope he will be in a position to help change the “I”s to “We”s at some point. If he is ever the starter, he will be able to have more impact in house, but for now I won’t criticize his verbal indiscretions, especially in the forum the comments were made in. He is still loved in Alabama for his college performance, and has shown he knows how to help lead a team to a championship. I hope he leads the Jets to one as well.

    • Erik Manassy

      I hope he stays on the team for one.

  • Joseph Nicolas Zecher

     Hes telling the truth, and not hiding behind anonymous commentary. The kid got balls and character, he should not be chastised for it. Erik Ainge is an idiot and should take his own inventory. The coach has no control over the team and its captains do not either, it wouldn’t of been fixed if kept quiet, from a fans standpoint we could sense something isnt right with this team. Gregs comments shed light and confirm what was suspected. Its all on the front office and coaching staff…PERIOD. Only strong unified locker rooms win championships…

    • Erik Manassy

      Completely agree.  Ainge could have tweeted that without the name calling.  Shows his character.

  • Jonathan Gallo

    McElroy has been on the IR all year. What does he know? He should have shut his trap instead of talking to the media, fanning the flames.

  • Bmcelroy8

    He didn’t name any names, and he keeps a positive outlook.  This guy is just being honest–he is a very smart kid and a winner, for sure.  He could be the next Drew Brees.  Speaking up in this way may help him emerge as one of the leaders of this team, or…it could amount to the dysfunctional Jets trading him to another team where he will do so.  Either way, I am glad he spoke up.

  • Bmcelroy8

    p.s. My name happens to be McElroy, so I am pulling for this kid.  Besides, Sanchez, although he seems to have a lot of heart and character, can’t throw.

  • Bmcelroy8

    He did well in the pre-season.  A lot of Jets fans think of him as the QB of the future.

  • Ericmorgan2002

    That was just as selfish as the players he is complaining about. It cannot help the team to wait until you go home to say it to the media. If he wanted to help, he would have said it to his teammates and coaches.  No way he’ll be the leader and quarterback of this team now.

  • Roxiee123

    I have met Greg, and he is a stand up guy, every one in football should put  their team first and be less selfish.  I can tell you from personal knowledge, Greg will not be be silent just to get along at any cost.