The Jets list of questions continues to grow

The Jets list of questions continues to grow

This is a guest post from Tyson Rauch.  Follow him on twitter @truach21 .

The New York Jets season of promise and high expectations ended with three consecutive losses, finger pointing, and of course no playoff berth.  Looking back it appears that if it could go wrong for Gang Green it did, and now Rex Ryan and company are stuck searching for answers while the team’s foundation is starting to show some cracks.  Unfortunately for Rex it seems like the New York Jets have more questions than answers right now.

Schotty returns?  According to the Jets front office offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer will be returning next season unless he gets a head coaching job.  I honestly find this hard to believe as Gang Green is desperately looking to head in a different direction on offense.  At this point I think general manager Mike Tannenbaum is trying to play the friendly public relations game with Schotty in hopes that another team bites and hires the much maligned coordinator.  This is a risky game to play as quality coordinator candidates (like a Bill Callahan) could start signing elsewhere while the Jets sit and wait.

Time for Tone to go? The New York Jets are in a tough spot with wide receiver Santonio Holmes as the fiery playmaker has been labeled a quitter by several of his teammates.   No one can dispute Santonio’s talent but at what point does he become a case of addition by subtraction? A team with a young quarterback cannot afford to have a wide receiver causing a stir and ruining team chemistry.

Set them free?  Several players on the New York Jets are headed to free agency leaving the team with some tough decisions to make on valuable veterans.  Plaxico Burress, LaDainian Tomlinson, Sione Pouha, Jim Leonhard, and Bryan Thomas are reportedly scheduled to become free agents.  Not for nothing but there is a ton of leadership in that group with LT and Leonhard while Pouha has to be considered one of the Jets best defensive lineman.  Aaron Maybin, the Jets best pass rusher, is reportedly a restricted free agent.

“Can’t Wait” to cut him? Following Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins there were several reports that the Jets were prepared to cut linebacker Bart Scott.  The feisty linebacker is one of Rex Ryan’s soldiers and has played an integral part in rebuilding the Jets defense.  Scott may not be the flashiest player on the field, but I think he does a lot of the dirty work on defense that may go unnoticed.  I am not necessarily sure this would be a smart move by the Jets.

Peyton’s place?  The Indianapolis Colts are in rebuild mode which could make quarterback Peyton Manning available.  There are already early reports that the Jets are interested in Manning, which of course is going to create a media firestorm.  I think if Peyton does become available the Jets will have to do their due diligence and talk to the future Hall of Famer.  With that being said there has to be huge concerns over his neck injury and his ability to take hits going forward.  In addition Manning’s price tag could prevent the Jets from addressing several holes on the team (safety, linebacker, line depth etc).  If the Jets truly believe in Mark Sanchez then I would go with a cheaper option like a Kyle Orton to give the young quarterback some competition.  I think signing Manning would be another circus like the Favre experience.

As you can see it is going to be a difficult offseason for the New York Jets as they have several tough questions to answer.  The Jets will be walking a fine line of improving team talent while not ruining team chemistry.

Never a dull moment Jets fans.