Hunter’s words in the huddle to Holmes; wow!

Hunter’s words in the huddle to Holmes; wow!
janesports Source in the huddle: Hunter saw Holmes mope to the huddle and lost it. “If you f***ing don’t want to play get your a** the f*** out.” #Jets 1/3/12 8:55 AM

Good for you my man!

  • Mark Shapiro

    Good for him its the only good thing he’s done all SEASON

    • Erik Manassy

      Regardless of his play, that’s stepping up.  Needed to be done.  Would have liked others to as well… oh like 6.

  • Anonymous

    This should earn him a nice contract extension.

  • Irishpride114

    Really,???  Wayne Hunter folds like a cheap ikea table, and he is calling out a Pro Bowl caliber receiver…Check yourself # 78

    • unctar2

      you must be a Giants fan

  • Cardiogoop

    Talent is never evenly distributed.  Hunter isn’t an all pro or even close.  I applaud him for his heart.  It’s not easy being tossed in the trenches before you are ready.  He kept his head up and did his best. That’s all you can ask of anyone.

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