Fireman Ed calls Holmes a chump; pleads with Rex to cut him on twitter

Fireman Ed calls Holmes a chump; pleads with Rex to cut him on twitter

Fireman Ed is usually a guy who is fired up at the Jets games.  If you follow him on twitter at @FiremanEd42 then you saw him go off today with a message to Rex Ryan about a certain Wide Receiver.

I already went OFF on Santonio Holmes and then I questioned why Rex Ryan wants to do away with awarding Captains on the team for leadership.  Well it seems that Ed is on the same page with me.

FiremanEd42 SantoniO I mean “I”played great last year so he could “eat” Then after signing he decides to SH&T all over #jets organization 1/3/12 9:28 AM

FiremanEd42 Then drinks “cristal” receives a “C” from rex to be captain of #jets A guy like that where I grew up that “C” stands for CHUMP GOTTA GO! 1/3/12 9:33 AM
FiremanEd42 REX you want to get this TEAM back together SANTON “I” gotta go! You did good awarding all the other CAPTAINS keep them get rid of the TONE 1/3/12 9:38 AM
FiremanEd42 Sanchez needs WR to work with him, not wr that have no respect for him MIKE T take the hit and collect more team guys for this kid GO #JETS 1/3/12 9:44 AM

Boom.  I couldn’t agree more Ed.  I used the word “Clown and Clueless” previously to describe Holmes’ patch but “Chump” is nice as well.  We do not need chumps on this team.  As our guest writer Jason Klein just wrote, Rex Ryan doesn’t need to change Rex, he needs to bring the team together and step one is getting rid of the cancers.

  • Chinopec

    first of all fireman ed is a joke, he think hes actually on the team. hes an idiot who screams at games, why your posting what he said is beyond me. First of all if fireman ed had a clue hed know we cant just cut him. look at the cap issues. And sanchez doesnt need a wr to work with him, hes needs someone to teach him how to read defense and make correct decisions. Like not holding onto the ball forever, throwing balls high all the time, and sulking when things dont go his way. so enough of this idiot please.

    • Erik Manassy

      I post because love him or hate him, he’s part of the Jets.

  • Nick Tarzia

    Yeah….Jeeze……Id  like  To  See  Fireman  Ed   Say  That   To  Holmes  Face…..He  Doesnt  have  Onions….4  Sure

  • Jarth

    Maybe he was a little selfish last season… okay maybe a lot selfish. But his relationship with Mark has improved drastically since then, and I’m ready for Mark, Santonio, and the whole team to have a breakout year! LET’S GO!! J-E-T-S JETS!! JETS!! JETS!!!