A bad ending for an average team

A bad ending for an average team

With the 2011 season over the Jets, I’ll be honest, I’ve been a little spoiled with going to the AFC Championship game on the road two years in a row.  It felt like an annual man-vacation to me where I got to spend time with my father, brother and other relatives, but I’m also a realist and I know the Jets had a very slim chance to make it this year with an “average” team.

This last game, I was honestly prepared for the season to end, hoping for a Jets victory but I didn’t think every single team we needed to lose would.  The last moments of the season will probably go down as the worst moment of the 2011 season and it just confirms what I already knew deep down:  Santonio Holmes is not a captain, a team player or a professional.

This picture says it all.

When a player “quits”, it is the cardinal sin amongst teammates and I was glad to see the good guys call him on it.  LT is truly a man amongst boys and if you see how he carries himself, that’s a TRUE leader.  He made a great point in that no one wants to follow someone like that, I know I wouldn’t.  Throwing a Tantrum, looking away from the action of the game with a scowl on your face proves nothing but the fact that you are a child.

I had my reaction on twitter (I took out the name) and someone got in my face saying I should get the facts before I rush to judgement.  I didn’t know the particulars of THAT moment but I already knew how it was going to turn out and I was correct.

e_man What are the chances the Jets trade Holmes?! 1/1/12 4:08 PM
e_man @—— just watching him pout like a baby is enough for me. He threw a fit cause he didn’t get the ball… He’s AWFUL 1/1/12 4:15 PM
@e_man oh–you know that for sure?? 1/1/12 4:15 PM
Unless you were on the field or know exactly what happened with @Holmes10…hold off on the judgement. #getthefacts 1/1/12 4:17 PM
e_man RT @——–: @e_man are you throwing a little tantrum now? >nope, never liked the guy. Ask anyone. 1/1/12 4:20 PM
e_man @——-  His actions all season and career are enough for me. This wasn’t one incident. 1/1/12 4:22 PM

Now unfortunately I lost them as a follower but I’m not in the business to please everyone.  From the moment the Jets signed Holmes this year I knew they made a mistake and I was less than pleased.  Holding my tongue publicly on twitter, people who were closest to me knew I despised his attitude.  I don’t hate anyone, just bad behavior and I could not support this player anymore than the minimum because he was a Jet.

Even after this mess, Holmes thought it was a good idea less than an hour to tweet:

santonio10 Ready to start making plans for the offseason. Grind mode= Coach Shaw I’m ready! 1/1/12 4:56 PM

I believe the majority of the fans feel the way I do.  The first question they asked themselves may have been the one I asked:

e_man What are the chances the Jets trade Holmes?! 1/1/12 4:08 PM

Now let’s be clear, I’m not saying the Jets failure of a season was all on Santonio Holmes but he helped.  I’ll state the obvious holes that most of you have read thousands of times:

The offensive line:   No depth and no exceptional starting talent

Mark Sanchez:  He clearly regressed although his stats went up failed in big moments

Eric Smith:  Is not a starter, too slow.

Brian Schottenheimer:   Is a good OC, but clearly not a match for the Jets and the personelle

Mike Tannenbaum:  Failed to bring in the depth and in my opinion overpaid for certain players (eh hem, Holmes)

Rex Ryan:  Refuses to admit this wasn’t a great team, but worse, enables bad behavior.  He continued to the last moment by not “knowing” what was going on with Holmes.  (He knew).

Remember under the Mangini regime when the Jets would ONLY bring to the team high quality individuals in attitude AND talent.  I know that the Jets just wanted to win and Rex believes that he can turn any individual into a winner.  He thought that about Holmes and it back fired on him.  Rex believed that by making him a captain, it would force Holmes to accept the responsibility and change his attitude.  What’s that saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.  Can you push the horse in?  That would be my answer here.  You need to find any way possible to move on from Holmes next season and It’s going to be a costly one.


  • Dean Barbella

    Good, timely post, Erik! I’d love to see Jared Odrick in Green & White.

    I’m hoping a CB, S, WR, OG will fall out of the Top 15-20 into our laps. Otherwise, trade down for Golden Tate and pick up Carlos Dunlap or Corey Wootton in the 2nd round.

  • seanmcc

    Unless O’drick or Mike Iupati are available at #29 I dont see any worthwhile picks for them in the first round. In addition, I dont think the Jets will target a wide receiver until later in the draft. Perhaps not until the 5th round with someone like Marcus Easley from Connecticutt. The Jets are a team known for running and defense and intend on sticking to that plan. I believe they will target defense in the beggining of the draft. Perhaps trade out of the 1st to pick up and additional 2nd and 3rd (Teams will be willing to make that trade in order to draft Colt McCoy). Then I could see them drafting Ricky Sapp and Corey Wooten in the 2nd round (regardless of what Jason Taylor does). Then take a safety such as Rashad Jones in the 3rd. Then taking a corner in the fourth. With the 6th and 7th, I see them taking maybe Zoltan Mesko the Michigan punter and either a blocking tight end or blocking fullback in the 7th. This type of draft would leave very few holes on the team going in to next season. Shoring up the O-line or another running back are other possibilities to look out for. Also I would not be shocked if they move some players closer to draft day for additional late round picks such as Bryan Thomas or Kellen Cleming (if someone were willing to give 4th or 5th’s for them Id take it) especially with this year being such a deap draft.

    • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

      Ricky Sapp, right… I also see the Jets grabbing this kid. Wow, lots of detail here! Thanks for the post!!

  • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

    I don’t see the Jets trading up. I actually see them moving out of the first round if anything to get more picks.

  • formerBCNEPAPatsfan

    Eric, they were an average team the previous two years, too.  In fact, without a couple of big plays from Holmes in 2010, they would have missed the playoffs then, too.  Sanchez is not a consistent regular season quarterback or a championship quarterback.  They should go after Matt Flynn.  They really should replace Ryan with O’Brien from the Patriots.  If he stays, it’s time for Rex to rehabilitate himself, pay a visit to Foxboro, and kiss Belichick’s Super Bowl rings.  He can pick up a few pointers on coaching while he’s there, especially on keeping his mouth shut, at least until he wins a Super Bowl.  Talk is cheap and he talks a lot.  Thanks to him, fans from all over (not just New England) love to see the Jets lose more than any other team.  If we feel that way, just imagine the extra motivation he gives Jets opponents!