Can Manning-Sanchez Combo “Fix” the Jets?

Can Manning-Sanchez Combo “Fix” the Jets?

Alyssa Lang

The following is a guest post from Alyssa Lang, a die-hard Jets fan.  @Alyssa_Lang_34

Hardly anyone can argue with the fact that Peyton Manning is a first-class quarterback. As Rex Ryan has admitted, any squad would jump at having him on their team. So with Manning’s potential future ‘good-bye’ to Indianapolis coming closer, how would it bode for the Jets to go after him; and keep Mark Sanchez?

Even though this season has been rather difficult to watch, Sanchez has proven that he has potential to be a great quarterback. He hasn’t dealt with the kind of adversity in the past two seasons that he has dealt with this year; in the last two games alone, he threw 4 interceptions and completed 45 of 85 passes. Not to mention 3 fourth-quarter turnovers.

Enter Petyon Manning.  A pro-bowl, super-bowl, and respected quarterback. So what would happen if the Colts, who are expected to go after Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck in the 2012 NFL Draft, do just that? A Luck-Manning combination might not be the best for Indy.  Which is why Manning might want out.

Could a Manning-Sanchez combination help the Jets?

Yes. Certainly, Manning is a seasoned quarterback who would definitely be able to help the Jets, especially with their passing game. With Sanchez playing alongside of, and learning from such a veteran, you can’t help but think he would improve too. Everyone wins, right?

Wrong. This partnership will certainly help the Jets, but in no way will it ‘fix’ them. This new combination might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Yes, asking Peyton Manning to come to New York is a shiny and new idea for the organization, and it seems mighty appealing. But one player, no matter how talented, is not going to be able to fix the real problems that the Jets have. Although everyone likes to point fingers at Sanchez and Schottenheimer, it’s not completely their fault. The Jets have suffered from a horribly inconsistent offensive line, for what has seemed like all season. When the O-line has a good day, opening up holes for the Jet RB’s, and giving Sanchez time in the pocket, the Jets have a pretty good day.

They win games.

However when the offensive line can barely give Sanchez time to get a pass off before opposing linebackers are breathing down his neck, it further proves my previous statement; the problems are not 100% Sanchez and his coordinator’s fault. I feel much hesitation in saying that having Manning and Sanchez would be the ultimate solution to the Jets problems, as many people feel it might be. I completely agree that it will help- but it won’t fix everything. Plus, Manning isn’t famous for his ability to scramble; so New York’s current O-line still poses as a problem. A problem that, if Peyton Manning was signed, wouldn’t be fixed.

So I say, New York- go for Peyton Manning, and keep Mark Sanchez. These two QB’s will become a sure double threat to opponents. But fans, if you’re looking for this addition to be the answer to the teams problems, think again. There’s a lot more on the ‘to-do’ list.

  • Timmerman

    Well stated! Will be interesting to see what the Jets decide to do!