Manassy Quoted in’s ‘The Shutdown Corner’ About OCNN & Ochocinco

Manassy Quoted in’s ‘The Shutdown Corner’ About OCNN & Ochocinco

I was quoted on‘s blog, The Shutdown Corner, today in the story “Chad Ochocinco still wants to make and break the news” plugging my company Manassy Media, written by @kristianrdyer .

KristianRDyer My latest on Yahoo: @Ochocinco still wants to make and break the news via @YahooSports #NFL #OCNN 12/29/11 11:34 AM

OCNN Creator OchoCinco Plays with the Jets Rival, Patriots

Chad Ochocinco is many things: a wide receiver for the New England Patriots, a showman, one of the most quotable athletes on the planet and maybe someday soon, a media tycoon.

Via his OCNN feed on Twitterand through the official Ochocinco news account, the always eccentric and sometimes on point Ochocinco hopes to someday challenge the legitimate media outlets with breaking news and insight.

This past month, he’s re-launched his OCNN presence through a partnership with Motorola and the tweets are flying fast and furious, from football related to IHOP menu choices. It is very much stream of consciousness stuff from Ochocinco.

My Quote

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It may not just be Ochocinco advancing the “Patriots Way” by being a bit more tight-lipped. Social media consultant Erik Manassy cautions that lots of tweeting isn’t always better or smarter.

“Remember, the entire world is watching and as history has shown, it’s easy for a 140 message to be taken out of context. Because you need to talk in short bursts, talking about a subject in multiple tweets is not a good idea if one single tweet can be taken the wrong way,” said Manassy, who is president of his Manassy Media.

“If a player is talking about a television show or the music they listen to that’s fine, but when they start taking a certain political stance or a topic that could be sensitive, they should be careful. I’m not saying don’t use freedom of speech, but again stress that everyone is watching including your ownership, media and fans. Showing up on a headline of a newspaper due to a tweet is not a good idea.”

So far, Ochocinco’s headlines through social media and OCNN have all been positives.

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Speaking of OCNN, Alyssa Lang a guest writer for this blog, is trying to land a job with OCNN for this year’s superbowl.  Be sure to check out her submission and vote for a fellow Jets fan!!

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