A Little Love From Jet Nation?

A Little Love From Jet Nation?

The following is a guest post from Alyssa Lang, a die-hard Jets fan.  @Alyssa_Lang_34

A life-long Jet fan needs some help from Jet Nation. Working to achieve my dreams of becoming a sports broadcaster, I’ve entered a contest to report during Super-Bowl week alongside Chad OchoCinco. Now, I know us New Yorkers are far from caring about anything involving the New England Patriots, but winning this contest would do wonders for an upcoming journalist.

With that said, I need help from Jet fans with Facebook’s!

  1. Follow the link,
  2. ‘like’ the Motorola page,
  3. click the “Superbowl Reporter” tab,
  4. select ‘videos’ and VOTE for Alyssa Lang’s, “The Ultimate Video”


Thanks, and Go Jets!  - Alyssa Lang