How do you Feel about Rex’s Motivation Tactic of Eli’s Bloody Picture?

How do you Feel about Rex’s Motivation Tactic of Eli’s Bloody Picture?
TheJetsStream Jets use photo of #NYG QB Eli Manning being hit by Calvin Pace as playbook cover for motivation #nyj 12/23/11 12:02 AM

A picture of Eli Manning bleeding all over himself has made the cover of the Jets playbook.  Apparently, Rex will change out the picture every week to give the players extra motivation and with the Giants game coming up on Saturday, Rex is using the bloodied picture of Eli.

When Jets outside linebacker Calvin Pace arrived at the team’s facility for meetings Tuesday morning, defensive coordinator Mike Pettine gave him a green binder with a photograph of Giants quarterback Eli Manning emblazoned across the cover. The picture captured Manning in mid-hit. His helmet was askew, his arms out wide. Blood would soon gush from a three-inch gash on his forehead.

Pace smiled at the unmistakable image of the crushing blow he laid on Manning in August 2010.

“It was cool to see it again,” Pace said. “Seems like it was so long ago.”

Pettine charged his unit with reengaging the rival Giants in a blood war Saturday afternoon. Pettine reminded his linemen and linebackers that the quarterback, enjoying the best season of his eight-year career, would be the marked man at Met Life Stadium on Christmas Eve.

“You have to make him uncomfortable. It’s just like his brother, man,” said Pace, referring to Peyton “If you let him sit back there clean, he’s the greatest ever, but if you get him to move around a little bit, get some hands in his face, I think it puts a little bit more challenge on him.”

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  • UK Jets

    I don’t like it. More because I am concerned that they even need motivation other than facing an elimination game. Too often the Jets have these preparation lapses and need to recover difficult situations, even in wins (Washington, San Diego, Miami, Dallas, Buffalo 2).

  • Jonathan Gallo

    When we don’t talk we don’t win.
    Way to go Rex!