Did the Giants WR’s Really Talk Trash About Jets Revis?

Did the Giants WR’s Really Talk Trash About Jets Revis?

The trash talking between the New York Jets and Giants has officially commenced.  Around mid-afternoon yesterday my twitter timeline was erupting about what Giants players were saying about Darrelle Revis @revis24 , in particular Victor Cruz @teamvic and Hakeem Nicks, the Giants Wide Receivers.

Victor Cruz however said he was not talking trash and that only certain comments were quoted to make it sound like he was trash talking.  He later went on twitter to state he said nothing wrong.

When asked if Revis is the best cornerback in the league, Hakeem Nicks paused before saying, “He’s a decent corner. He’s decent.”

“It ain’t nothing really to talk about,” Nicks said. “He’s a great player. I feel like I’m good. We’ll see how they play it.”

Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz said teams are not afraid to throw at Revis, considered to be the league’s premier shutdown corner.

“Yeah, teams aren’t really scared any more, he’s got to earn his money this year and teams aren’t really backing down,” Cruz said when asked if teams are throwing more at Revis. “I feel like we are going to do the same thing. We are going to go out until he physically stops us. We are going to spread the ball around.”

Giants wide receiver Mario Manningham said he’s not going to put Revis and Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie “on a pedestal” when asked how exciting it is to face one of the league’s best pair of corners.

“It is exciting,” said Manningham, who insists he will play despite missing practice with a knee injury on Wednesday. “Every Sunday is exciting. I am not about to put them on a pedestal. They are still cornerbacks like we have faced all year.” - Read more on ESPN

Victor Cruz was then on twitter saying that the media took his comments out of context.

TeamVic Please understand the media takes excerpts of my conversation to make a story. I don’t talk trash. #Notmystyle 12/21/11 7:26 PM

So did the Giants Wide Receivers trash talk??