Scotty McKnight’s GF Enter’s the Twittersphere and Loves Her Jets

Scotty McKnight’s GF Enter’s the Twittersphere and Loves Her Jets
haydenpanettier About to turn on the game….let’s go JETS!!! Let’s kick some a** today! 12/18/11 12:51 PM
smcknight21 Go follow my girl as she finally joined the twitter world @haydenpanettier 12/18/11 1:53 AM

Scotty McKnights @smcknight15 Girlfriend Hayden Panettier has entered the twittershpere, so how is this Jets news?  She a Jets fan of course and is a celebrity.  We like that.

I also like that I had a pretty long conversation with her.  She seems pretty cool.  I told my wife who I was talking to and she just laughed.  I guess she’s not surprised anymore on who I can talk to with twitter.  Hey, all those people who said twitter was dumb 5 years ago, look at me now.  LOL.

haydenpanettier Just a little proof that this is really my twitter account for those asking. Great hearing from you guys! 12/18/11 6:55 PM
e_man @haydenpanettier What number are you wearing? #15 12/18/11 6:56 PM
haydenpanettier @e_man yep! 12/18/11 6:59 PM
e_man@haydenpanettier: @e_man yep!” >> Brutal game though, right? Oh boy… 12/18/11 7:01 PM
haydenpanettier @e_man bruuutal! 12/18/11 7:07 PM
e_man @haydenpanettier Are you watching with Scotty? He must be screaming at the television.. 12/18/11 7:08 PM
haydenpanettier @e_man yea I am…hard not to get riled up! 12/18/11 7:12 PM
e_man @haydenpanettier Mark took a hit, man I wish the O-line would protect him. Looked like he had a knot in his neck. 12/18/11 7:13 PM
haydenpanettier @e_man I know, poor guy 12/18/11 7:17 PM