Santonio Holmes Looking Less and Less Like a Captain

Santonio Holmes Looking Less and Less Like a Captain

Santonio Holmes has me shaking my head.  I get players have bad games.  Holmes fumbled the ball in the 1st quarter and let a ball slip out of his hands for an interception which led to the Eagles blowing the game open in the first half.

C stands for CLUELESS in Holmes' Case

His play was surprising but it’s not what has me shaking my head.  Later in the 2nd quarter, Mark Sanchez threaded the needle to Holmes for a beautiful touchdown in which Santonio precedes to mock the Eagle celebration by flapping his arms.

I have never seen a Twitter fan base go off on one of our guys like I did when Holmes pulled that boner of a play.  It cost the Jets a penalty and worse it came from a Jets player wearing a C on his chest.  I know it’s supposed to mean CAPTAIN, but I think in Holmes’ case we can call it CLUELESS.

I hardly get angry on twitter, but I just lost my cool:

e_man Seriously HOLMES!!! You are going to celebrate and get a flag. WHAT THE 12/18/11 5:36 PM
e_man Do you have any FRIGGIN CLUE we are in the hole because of your start… damn. 12/18/11 5:36 PM
e_man I’m so pissed at Holmes right now. That was so dumb. 12/18/11 5:37 PM

I clearly wasn’t the only one:

KristianRDyer After the game he’s had, the last thing Santonio Holmes should be doing is taunting. 12/18/11 5:37 PM
NYJSec133 Santonio Holmes – look at the C on your chest – act like it #Jets 12/18/11 6:06 PM
janesports After a fumble and a drop, you’re going to mock the other team. As a team captain, Holmes should be better than that. #NFL #Jets 12/18/11 5:38 PM
RichCimini 25 TD pass to Holmes. One of Sanchez’s best passes in a long time. Absolutely dumb play by Holmes, taunting penalty. He doesn’t sm to care. 12/18/11 5:38 PM
DWAZ73 What is Santonio Holmes doing after that TD? That unsportsmanlike conduct penalty is awful. Gotta be smarter than that with score 28-10. 12/18/11 5:37 PM
JeaneCoakleySNY Really Holmes? really? not smart. 12/18/11 5:37 PM
AdamSchein stupid, santonio holmes. absolutely stupid. that can’t happen. taunting down 28-10? amateur hour. 12/18/11 5:37 PM
janesports Consensus in press box on Santonio Holmes taunting penalty as Jets are down 28-10: Stupid. #NFL #Jets 12/18/11 5:37 PM